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3 years ago
%** Summary.tex: What have you achieved, what have you presented in this
% document. What are the highlights of your work.
% It should conclude by a conclusion.
Sum up what you have done and recapitulate your key findings.
3 years ago
\section{\label{conclusion:softwarenat64}Software based NAT64}
3 years ago
Many misleading
3 years ago
maybe remove
3 years ago
checksumming a frequent problem and helper
3 years ago
Many possibilities
Protocol independent
Easy architecture
Limitations in
3 years ago
if in action limitations
Limits if in actions
python2 only - unicode errors
IPv6: NDP: not easy to parse, as unknown number of following fields
No support for multiple LPM keys in a table, can be solved with
ternary matching.
switch cannot be used in actions
from __future__ import unicode_literals
The tooling around P4 is still fragile, encountered many bugs
in the development.\cite{schottelius:github1675}
3 years ago
3 years ago
or missing features (\cite{schottelius:github745},
Hitting expression bug
\section{\label{conclusion:netpfga}NetFGPA - all HERE}
3 years ago
personal note here
3 years ago
long compile process
error prone compile process
many dependencies
lpm not supported!
Netpfga live,
xx k lines of supporting code
no payload accessq
Many workarounds
Table size 63, table size 64,
Table entries require arguments of all possible actions, not only used
Compile time hours
Silent errors
Unclear errors: broken board
Due to the very fragile nature of the build framework from the
NetFPGA-Live repository,
Renaming VARIABLES in the definition of
3 years ago
\section{\label{conclusion:realworld}Real world applications}
Can be deployed using the netpfga. Or Barefoot or Arista.
%** Outlook.tex: What needs to be done further, what is planed
What are the consequences of your work for future work?
Different HW
Speed only limited to line speed. Could be running at 100 Gbit/s
without modifications.
***** Summary eher kurz
***** Outlook als subsection!