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/* -*- P4_16 -*- */
#ifndef HEADERS_P4
#define HEADERS_P4
#include <core.p4>
#include <v1model.p4>
typedef bit<48> mac_addr_t;
typedef bit<32> ipv4_addr_t;
typedef bit<128> ipv6_addr_t;
typedef bit<9> port_t;
typedef bit<16> mcast_t;
typedef bit<16> task_t;
const bit<16> TYPE_IPV4 = 0x0800;
const bit<16> TYPE_IPV6 = 0x86DD;
const bit<16> TYPE_CPU = 0x4242;
const bit<16> TYPE_DEBUG = 0x2323;
const bit<8> PROTO_ICMP = 1;
const bit<8> PROTO_TCP = 6;
const bit<8> PROTO_UDP = 17;
const bit<8> PROTO_ICMP6 = 58;
const bit<8> TCP_SEQ_LEN = 4;
const bit<8> ICMP6_ECHO_REQUEST = 128;
const bit<8> ICMP6_ECHO_REPLY = 129;
const bit<8> ICMP6_NS = 135;
const bit<8> ICMP6_NA = 136;
const task_t TASK_ICMP6_NS = 1;
const task_t TASK_ICMP6_GENERAL = 2;
const task_t TASK_DEBUG = 3;
const task_t TASK_ICMP6_REPLY = 4;
header ethernet_t {
mac_addr_t dst_addr;
mac_addr_t src_addr;
bit<16> ethertype;
header ipv4_t {
bit<4> version;
bit<4> ihl;
bit<6> diff_serv;
bit<2> ecn;
bit<16> totalLen;
bit<16> identification;
bit<3> flags;
bit<13> fragOffset;
bit<8> ttl;
bit<8> protocol;
bit<16> hdrChecksum;
ipv4_addr_t src_addr;
ipv4_addr_t dst_addr;
/* */
header ipv6_t {
bit<4> version;
bit<8> traffic_class;
bit<20> flow_label;
bit<16> payload_length;
bit<8> next_header;
bit<8> hop_limit;
ipv6_addr_t src_addr;
ipv6_addr_t dst_addr;
header tcp_t{
bit<16> src_port;
bit<16> dst_port;
int<32> seqNo;
int<32> ackNo;
bit<4> data_offset;
bit<4> res;
bit<1> cwr;
bit<1> ece;
bit<1> urg;
bit<1> ack;
bit<1> psh;
bit<1> rst;
bit<1> syn;
bit<1> fin;
bit<16> window;
bit<16> checksum;
bit<16> urgentPtr;
header udp_t {
bit<16> src_port;
bit<16> dst_port;
bit<16> payload_length;
bit<16> checksum;
header icmp6_t {
bit<8> type;
bit<8> code;
bit<16> checksum;
header icmp_t {
bit<8> type;
bit<8> code;
bit<16> checksum;
bit<32> rest;
header cpu_t {
task_t task;
bit<16> ingress_port;
bit<16> ethertype;
struct headers {
ethernet_t ethernet;
ipv4_t ipv4;
ipv6_t ipv6;
tcp_t tcp;
udp_t udp;
icmp6_t icmp6;
icmp_t icmp;
cpu_t cpu;
struct metadata {
port_t ingress_port;
task_t task;
bit<16> tcp_length;
bit<32> cast_length;
bool do_cksum;