Commit ac15255a authored by Nico Schottelius's avatar Nico Schottelius

Merge pull request #13 from greendeath/bug/man_ctt_typo

Typo fix in ctt.text
parents bf0e47ce c98b9231
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ ctt [-h] [-d] [-v] {listprojects,track,report} ...
ctt listprojects [-h] [-d] [-v]
ctt track [-h] [-d] [-v] [-s START] [-e END] [-n] project
ctt track [-h] [-d] [-v] [--sd START] [--ed END] [-n] project
ctt report [-h] [-d] [-v] [--sd START] [--ed END] [-e REGEXP] [-i]
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