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# Changelog
## v0.9 (unreleased)
* Added support for `-c` to specify the probing order of different cloud stacks.
* Added support for OpenNebula's START_SCRIPT methods (user-data alike).
* Added support for generating a default user password and writing it into
* Fixed handling of OpenNebula SSH_PUBLIC_KEY entries with multiple keys.
* Improved documentation, added `` file.
## v0.8 (2019-06-02)
* Added support for growing the root disk and its last partition (optional).
* Fixed OpenStack support.
* Fixed compilation with LibreSSL on OpenBSD 6.5 or newer.
* Fixed probing order and OpenStack with `` as the endpoint IP.
* Improved OpenNebula support.
## v0.7 (2018-08-15)
* Added initial support for OpenNebula contextualization.
* Added support for setting a custom login user or "root" with `-U`.
* Added support for writing `resolv.conf` and static network configuration.
* Fixed the generated pf rule that is loaded during cloud-agent operation.
## v0.6 (2018-05-15)
* Fixed compilation with (old) OpenSSL releases.
## v0.5 (2018-05-08)
* Fixed the user-data script by loading it from /etc/rc.user-data.
## v0.4 (2018-05-08)
* Added support for user-data that is not base64-encoded.
## v0.3 (2018-05-08)
* Added support for user-data scripts.
* Make the public key optional for stacks that supply a password (e.g. Azure).
## v0.2.2 (2018-05-07)
* Fixed issues in the v0.2.1 release.
## v0.2.2 (2018-05-07)
* Fixed issues in the v0.2 release.
## v0.2 (2018-01-10)
* Added support for OpenStack and its JSON-based meta data.
* Added support for Apache CloudStack.
* Try to get meta data from `dhcp-server-identifier` instead of
## v0.1 (2017-07-03)
* Initial release with support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS EC2.

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@ -33,20 +33,30 @@ automatically.
* On Amazon AWS, create a file `/etc/hostname.xnf0`
* On Exoscale, create a file `/etc/hostname.vio0`
* On CloudStack, such as Exoscale, create a file `/etc/hostname.vio0`
* On OpenBSD VMM (with meta-data), create a file `/etc/hostname.vio0`
* On OpenStack/VMware, create a file `/etc/hostname.vmx0`
* On OpenNebula, create a file `/etc/hostname.if`
where _if_ is the name of your primary interface.
* The content of the file is identical for all of them:
* The content of the file is identical for all of the above:
!/usr/local/libexec/cloud-agent "\$if"
* On OpenNebula, such as Data Center Light, create a file `/etc/hostname.if`
where _if_ is the name of your primary interface.
The `dhcp` line should be ommitted in the file:
!/usr/local/libexec/cloud-agent "\$if"
See the [Changelog]( for a summary of changes and
download the releases from the
[release page](