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@ -1,8 +1,6 @@
cloud-agent for OpenBSD
**This is just experimental. Be warned.**
This is a simple OpenBSD-specific agent that aims to handle
provisioning and cloud initialization on public clouds such as
Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. For OpenBSD on Azure, it is a minimal
@ -31,8 +29,12 @@ Installation is easy, `cloud-agent` detects the cloud type automatically.
* On Amazon AWS, create a file `/etc/hostname.xnf0`
* On Exoscale, create a file `/etc/hostname.vio0`
* On OpenBSD VMM (with meta-data), create a file `/etc/hostname.vio0`
* On OpenStack/VMware, create a file `/etc/hostname.vmx0`
* The content of the file is identical for all of them: