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reyk 14d0149cdb CMS is back! Use it in LibreSSL > 3.0.2 or with USE_LIBRESSL_CMS=1 4 years ago
reyk beef9f736c Append /etc/resolv.conf.tail if it exists 4 years ago
reyk 0b1fee287c I forgot -c in the usage, will be part of the next release 4 years ago
reyk e800a2b7d2 Add support OpenNebula's USERNAME 4 years ago
reyk fd7fa10f1b Update copyright 4 years ago
reyk c968f169fd Tweak previous, sync 4 years ago
reyk ca22cba8e4 Allow to specify the probed cloud stacks with -c cloud[,cloud...] 4 years ago
reyk 3be9707418 Remove /var/db/cloud-instance file on -u 4 years ago
reyk b8ae4a13fc Allow to generate and write a comment into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 4 years ago
reyk c5c1705cd7 Add support for OpenNebula's userdata START_SCRIPT and START_SCRIPT_BASE64 4 years ago
reyk 99f8b2d2b0 The SSH_PUBLIC_KEY line in OpenNebula's context can span multiple lines 4 years ago
reyk 0509d8d619 Only grow, but never shrink the disk 4 years ago
reyk bce8634bf5 re-mount updated filesystem 4 years ago
reyk 95e8cb1cb1 Fix bEnd 4 years ago
reyk 63935a1b5f Don't print errors from the DHCP endpoint 4 years ago
reyk 139f35d9d4 Only update disk if size was changed and not under dryrun 4 years ago
reyk aa963100ba Fall back to if DHCP endpoint does not work (unbreak OpenStack) 4 years ago
reyk 8dfa3c843a Add "-r rootdisk" growdisk support 4 years ago
reyk a8490a757f Escape backslash in mdoc 4 years ago
reyk 3290c27210 If root, don't overwrite doas.conf 5 years ago
reyk 20e2f78f83 Add -U option to overwrite the user 5 years ago
reyk 91eb82f902 Make the group egress optional (dynamic) in the initial pf rule 5 years ago
reyk 333f7ac6d7 Write network configuration files 5 years ago
reyk d9899d488a Add initial support for OpenNebula contextualization.
Thanks to by ungleich glarus AG for providing
access to their OpenNebula-based cloud.
5 years ago
reyk ec87db177d Revert LDADD to -ltls -lssl -lcrypto as just -ltls breaks static linking. 5 years ago
reyk 8c4f6a384b /var/run is cleared on boot, store user-data in /etc instead 5 years ago
reyk 5de42d6464 user-data is not always base64-encoded. 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter f48b2bc2b9 Make the public key optional but print a warning 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter 155d216845 Add support for user-data scripts 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter 73f066699f Only link to libtls (which will pull libssl/crypto by itself) 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter cb7edf897e Fix return value on error 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter 4953fa418c Rename label 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter 9ffe04f62f Fall back to meta-data/public-keys if meta-data/public-keys/0/openssh-key is not available. 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter eaa8b96541 Add missing json files 5 years ago
Reyk Floeter ee473a4bd6 Try to get endpoint from "dhcp-server-identifier" 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter ac66f160e0 Support for openstack meta_data.json, connect timeout, other fixes. 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter eb9d5b440c Configure Azure -n, but don't apply confiugration 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter cdf3317965 Print success in xml_parse() debug message 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 63d46cd6f1 Use -n to 'rescue' ovf-env.xml file and exit 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 6f6e63f99b Disable boot delay on AWS/Azure, set doas to user not wheel, set .forward. 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 462c7e4c31 manpath is /usr/local/man not /usr/local/share/man 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 1f7ad6d796 Create MANDIR in /usr/local 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter b3bc491677 Document /var/db/cloud-instance 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 0ba8b74dcd Azure calls userdata CustomData. Get the variable, but we don't use it yet. 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 29193e306f Sanitize strings that we get from the cloud backends 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 5beee43d49 Fix previous 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 2978fbdefb Add support for @reyk/meta-data username extension 6 years ago
Anthony J. Bentley 86e87dcf0a Fix some typos in the manual. 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 99cbc8cc07 Add simple cloud-agent.8 manpage 6 years ago
Reyk Floeter 0bd6427d39 Fallback to saved ovf-env.xml file 6 years ago