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cloud-agent for OpenBSD

This is just experimental. Be warned.

This is a simple OpenBSD-specific agent that aims to handle provisioning and cloud initialization on public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. For OpenBSD on Azure, it is a minimal alternative to the WALinuxAgent.


  • OpenBSD 6.1 or higher, nothing else.


  • /usr/local/libexec/cloud-agent
  • /usr/local/bin/cms

The CMS binary is a port of OpenSSL's CMS tool to LibreSSL. LibreSSL has removed CMS which is required by Azure.


Installation is easy, cloud-agent detects the cloud type automatically.

  • On Microsoft Azure, create a file /etc/hostname.hvn0

  • On Amazon AWS, create a file /etc/hostname.xnf0

  • On OpenBSD VMM (with meta-data), create a file /etc/hostname.vio0

  • The content of the fill is identical for all of them:

      !/usr/local/libexec/cloud-agent "\$if"


Reyk Floeter.

See the License file for more information.