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* Changes are always commented with their author in (braces)
* Exception: No braces means author == Nico Schottelius
* Core: Make global explorers available to initial manifest (Arkaitz Jimenez)
* Change execution order to run object as one unit
2.1.1: 2013-04-08
* Core: Use dynamic dependency resolver to allow indirect self dependencies
* Core: Remove umask call - protect /var/lib/cdist only (Arkaitz Jimenez)
* Explorer os: Added Slackware support (Eivind Uggedal)
* Type __git: Support mode and fix owner/group settings (contradict)
* Type __jail: State absent should implies stopped (Jake Guffey)
* Type __directory: Make stat call compatible with FreeBSD (Jake Guffey)
* Type __cron: Allow crontab without entries (Arkaitz Jimenez)
* Type __user: Add support for creating user home (Arkaitz Jimenez)
2.1.0: 2012-12-09
* Core: Ensure global explorers are executable
* Core: Ensure type explorers are executable (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __git
* New Type: __ssh_authorized_keys (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __user_groups (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __rvm_gemset: Change parameter "default" to be boolean
* Type __user: Remove --groups support (now provided by __user_groups)
* Type __apt_ppa: Bugfix: Installeded ppa detection (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __jail: Change optional parameter "started" to boolean "stopped" parameter,
change optional parameter "devfs-enable" to boolean "devfs-disable" parameter and
change optional parameter "onboot" to boolean.
* Type __package_pip: Bugfix: Installeded the package, not pyro
* Remove Type __ssh_authorized_key: Superseeded by __ssh_authorized_keys
* Support for CDIST_PATH (Steven Armstrong)
2.1.0pre8: 2012-11-15
* Type cleanup: __apt_ppa, __apt_ppa_update_index, __file,
__ssh_authorized_key, __timezone, all install types (Steven Armstrong)
* Types: Remove all parameter changing code
* Type __rvm_ruby: Change parameter "default" to be boolean
* Documentation: Web documentation clean up
2.1.0pre7: 2012-11-07
* Core: All unit tests restored back to working
* Core: Print error message when missing the initial manifest
2.1.0pre6: 2012-11-05
* New Example: Turn remote calls into local calls (used for unittesting)
* Core: Export PYTHONPATH, it's also needed by emulator
* Bugfix Type __rvm_ruby: Add clean package dependencies
* Bugfix Type __rvm_gem: Run rvm as user, not as root
* Cleanup Type __rvm, __rvm_gemset: Use shortcut version
* Bugfix __rvm_gemset: Correctly check for gemsets
* Cleanup Type __postgres_database, __postgres_role: Reference each other
in documentation
* Cleanp Type __postgres_role: Use boolean parameters where appropriate
* Cleanp Type __postgres_role: Use shortcut version
2.1.0pre5: 2012-11-01
* Core: First round of tests updated to work with multiple configuration directories
2.1.0pre4: 2012-10-31
* Dist: PyPi: Moved to script/cdist to avoid double import
* Core: Added support for multiple configuration directories (no documentation)
2.1.0pre3: 2012-10-30
* Dist: PyPi: Types and explorer included as package data
2.1.0pre2: 2012-10-26
* Dist: PyPi: Add conf/ directory to distribution
* Dist: Initial support for archlinux packaging
2.1.0pre1: 2012-10-26
* Core: Removed obsolete variable __self
* Removed type __addifnosuchline (replaced by __line)
* Removed type __removeline (replaced by __line)
* Type __directory: Parameter --parents and --recursive are now boolean
* Type __package_apt, __package_luarocks, __package_opkg,
__package_pacman, __package_pkg_freebsd, __package_pkg_openbsd,
__package_rubygem, __package_yum, __process:
Parameter state accepts only "present" and "absent"
* Dist: Initial support for pypi packaging
2.0.15: 2012-11-02
* Core: Make variable __object_name available in type explorers (Steven Armtrong)
* New Type: __qemu_img
* New Type: __line
* New Type: __pf_apply (Jake Guffey)
* New Type: __pf_ruleset (Jake Guffey)
* Bugfix Type: __rvm: Make type work if rvm is already installed
2.0.14: 2012-09-07
* Bugfix Type: __jail: Use correct variable (Jake Guffey)
* Change Type: __jail: Parameter jailbase now optional (Jake Guffey)
* Bugfix Type: __user: Use passwd database on FreeBSD (Jake Guffey)
* Bugfix Type: __start_on_boot: Do not change parameters
* Feature __user: Added support for BSDs (Sébastien Gross)
* Feature __group: Added support for FreeBSD (Jake Guffey)
* New Type: __package_zypper
* Feature Types: Initial Support for SuSE Linux
2.0.13: 2012-06-05
* Bugfix __ssh_authorized_key: Ensure it sets proper group (contradict)
* Bugfix __addifnosuchline: Fixed quotes/interpolation bug ("a b" became "a b")
* New Explorer: interfaces (Sébastien Gross)
* Feature core: Support reading from stdin in types (Steven Armstrong)
* Feature core: Support multiple parameters for types (Steven Armstrong)
* Feature __file: Support reading from stdin with - syntax (Steven Armstrong)
2.0.12: 2012-05-29
* Core: Correctly raise error on Python < 3.2 (Steven Armtrong)
* Core: Add support for --remote-exec and --remote-copy parameters
* Documentation: Debian Squeeze hints (Sébastien Gross)
2.0.11: 2012-05-23
* Fix insecure file/directory creation: Use umask 077
2.0.10: 2012-05-18
* Cleanup __group: No getent gshadow in old Redhat, use groupmod -g
(Matt Coddington)
* Bugfix __package_yum: Missing cat
* Bugfix __start_on_boot: Correctly use sed and quotes (Steven Armstrong)
* Feature __file: Support for --state exists (Steven Armstrong)
* Feature core: Make variable __manifest available to type manifests
* Feature core: Correct parent dependency handling (Steven Armstrong)
* Bugfix several types: Fix sed for FreeBSD (Istvan Beregszaszi)
* New Type: __jail (Jake Guffey)
* Change Type: __rvm*: --state present/absent not installed/remvoed (Evax Software)
* Bugfix Type: __cron: Hide error output from crontab
* Various smaller bugfixes (Chris Lamb)
2.0.9: 2012-03-12
* Cleanup documentation: Fix environment variable list to be properly
displayed (Giel van Schijndel)
* Cleanup documentation: Some minor corrections
* New Type: __package_opkg (Giel van Schijndel)
* New Type: __package_pkg_freebsd (Jake Guffey)
* New Type: __mysql_database (Benedikt Koeppel)
* Feature __package: Support for OpenWRT (Giel van Schijndel)
* Feature __start_on_boot: Support for OpenWRT (Giel van Schijndel)
* Feature __start_on_boot: Support for Amazon Linux (Matt Coddington)
* New Example: Use rsync to backup files (Matt Coddington)
* Feature core: Exit non-zero, if configuration failed
* Documentation: Describe how to do templating (Aurélien Bondis)
2.0.8: 2012-02-20
* Bugfix core: Remove another nasty traceback when sending SIGINT (aka Ctrl-C)
* Cleanup: Better hint to source of error
* Cleanup: Do not output failing script, but path to script only
* Cleanup: Remove support for __debug variable in manifests (Type != Core
* Cleanup: Change __package_* to support absent/present (default state
name now). The values removed/installed will be removed in cdist 2.1.
* Cleanup: Change __process to support absent/present (default state
name now). The values running/stopped will be removed in cdist 2.1.
* Feature Core: Support boolean parameters (Steven Armstrong)
2.0.7: 2012-02-13
* Bugfix __file: Use chmod after chown/chgrp (Matt Coddington)
* Bugfix __user: Correct shadow field in explorer (Matt Coddington)
* Bugfix __link: Properly handle existing links (Steven Armstrong)
* Bugfix __key_value: More robust implementation (Steven Armstrong)
* Bugfix __user: Fix for changing a user's group by name (Matt Coddington)
* New Type: __package_pip
* Bugfix/Cleanup: Correctly allow Object ID to start and end with /, but
not contain //.
2.0.6: 2012-01-28
* Bugfix __apt_ppa:
Also remove the [ppa-name].list file, if empty. (Tim Kersten)
* Bugfix __group:
Referenced wrong variable name (Matt Coddington)
* Feature __package_apt:
Initial support for virtual packages (Evax Software)
* Feature Core: Added new dependency resolver (Steven Armstrong)
* Feature Explorer, __package_yum: Support Amazon Linux (Matt Coddington)
* New Type: __rvm (Evax Software)
* New Type: __rvm_gem (Evax Software)
* New Type: __rvm_gemset (Evax Software)
* New Type: __rvm_ruby (Evax Software)
2.0.5: 2012-01-18
* Bugfix __key_value: Use correct delimiters
(Steven Armstrong, Daniel Maher)
* Cleanup: Explicitly require Python >= 3.2 (do not fail implicitly)
* Documentation: (Re)write of the tutorial
* Feature: __addifnosuchline supports matching on
regular expressions (Daniel Maher)
* Feature: __directory, __file, __link:
Add --state parameter (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __package_luarocks (Christian G. Warden)
* New Type: __cdistmarker (Daniel Maher)
2.0.4: 2011-11-18
* Bugfix core: Remove traceback when sending SIGINT (aka Ctrl-C)
* Bugfix core: Accept parameters with - in the name (Steven Armstrong)
* Cleanup: __object_fq variable removed (never used)
* Cleanup: Environment variable __self DEPRECATED, use __object_name instead
* Cleanup: Environment variable __self scheduled for removal in cdist 2.1
* Documentation: Many examples for use of __remote_* (Steven Armstrong)
* Feature: Automatically require all used objects (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __cron (Steven Armstrong)
2.0.3: 2011-10-18
* Improved logging, added --verbose, by more quiet by default
* Bugfix __user: Correct quoting (Steven Armstrong)
* Bugfix __addifnosuchline: Falsely exited
* Bugfix requirements: Restore original require="" behaviour
* Feature requirements: Check for broken object_ids and abort
* Massive refactoring and unittesting introduced (Steven Armstrong)
2.0.2: 2011-09-27
* Add support for detection of OpenWall Linux (Matthias Teege)
* Add support for __debug variable in manifests
* Bugfix core: Various issues with type emulator
2.0.1: 2011-09-23
* Bugfix core: Always print source of error in case of exec errors
* Bugfix core: Various smaller bugs in string concatenation
* Feature: Add marker "changed" to changed objects
2.0.0: 2011-09-16
* New Type: __package_rubygem (Chase Allen James)
* __self replaced by __object_fq
* Rewrote cdist in Python
1.7.1: 2011-07-26
* Documentation: Add explorers to reference
* Documentation: Typo cleanup (Derek Brost)
* Type __key_value: Bugfix (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __postgres_role (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __postgres_database (Steven Armstrong)
1.7.0: 2011-05-10
* Bugfix type __package_yum: Fix redhat support (Ramon Salvadó)
* Improved type __package_yum: Add centos support (Ramon Salvadó)
* New Type: __timezone (Ramon Salvadó)
* Renamed explorer: hardware_type to machine
* Core: Do not execute empty code fragments
1.6.2: 2011-04-19
* Core: Introduce __cdist_tmp_base_dir
* Core: Cleanup and enhance cdist-type-template
* Core: cdist-mass-deploy: Report failed cdist-deploy-to instances
* New Type: __ssh_authorized_key (Aurélien Bondis)
1.6.1: 2011-04-07
* Improved logging: Show code responsible for abort
* Improved logging: Consistently prefix with current object or core
* Bugfix: Type __debconf_set_selections used wrong contens for selection
* Bugfix: Don't fail, if cache directory is not existing
* Bugfix: __user and __group exited non-zero if no change was necessary
* New Explorer: hardware_type
* New Type: __package_pkg_openbsd (Andi Brönnimann)
* New Type: __autofs_map (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __autofs_master (Steven Armstrong)
1.6.0: 2011-04-06
* New Type: __package_yum
* New type: __debconf_set_selections
* New explorer: os_version
* Bugfix: Type __group failed in case of __group NAME syntax
* Bugfix: __package* types: consistently name --state removed instead of
uninstalled or deinstalled
* Type __package: Added Fedora support
* Type __package_apt: Removed --preseed support
* Explorer os gained Fedora support
* Simplified types __user and __group
* New helper binary: cdist-mass-deploy
1.5.0: 2011-04-01
* Add basic cache functionality
* New type: __process
* Restructured execution: (Steven Armstrong)
Orientate processing on objects, resolve dependencies and
ensure correct execution order.
* Documentation: Rewrite stages docs (Steven Armstrong)
* Documentation: Remove legacy man pages (Steven Armstrong)
1.4.1: 2011-03-25
* New type: __key_value (Steven Armstrong)
* New type: __apt_ppa (Steven Armstrong)
* Documentation: Manpage generation cleanup
* Documentation: Manpage fix for __apt_ppa
1.4.0: 2011-03-24
* Add --recursive to __directory
* Move cdist generated stuff to .cdist of an object
* Allow objects to be redefined
1.3.2: 2011-03-21
* Add --source to __motd
* Add --preseed to __package_apt
* Include HTML documentation of manpages and publish them
1.3.1: 2011-03-21
* Document: cdist-type-build-emulation
* Document: cdist-type-emulator
* Document: cdist-remote-explorer-run
* Fix dependencies in cdist-code-run
* Fix dependencies in cdist-manifest-run-all
* Add --source to __issue and fix os check
1.3.0: 2011-03-20
* Add support for local and remote code generation and execution
* Bugfix: Remove obsolete $@ call in cdist-remote-explorer-run
* Bugfix: Correct manpage for __removeline (broke manpage generation)
1.2.0: 2011-03-19
* Added dependencies (see cdist-type(7))
* New type: __removeline (Daniel Roth)
* New type: __group (Steven Armstrong)
* New type: __user (Steven Armstrong)
* Documentation: cdist-run-remote
* Documentation: cdist-code-run-all
* Documentation: cdist-object-gencode
* Documentation: cdist-explorer-run-global
* Documentation: cdist-manifest-run-init
* Documentation: cdist-manifest-run-all
* Documentation: cdist-object-gencode-all
* Documentation: cdist-manifest-run
1.1.0: 2011-03-16
* Replace type __file with __file, __directory, __link
* Documentation: cdist-env
* Documentation: cdist-config
* Documentation: cdist-dir
* Documentation: cdist-quickstart
1.0.4: 2011-03-15
* New type: __motd
* New type: __addifnosuchline (Daniel Roth)
* New type: __user
* Document type: __issue
* Document type: __package
* Document type: __package_pacman
* Document type: __package_apt
* New parameter for __file: --owner and --group
1.0.3: 2011-03-11
* Update regexp used for sane characters
* Allow types without parameters
* Allow type to be singleton
* Type __file learned --type symlink
1.0.2: 2011-03-09
* Add manpages: cdist-type, cdist-type__file, cdist-reference, cdist-explorer
* Make doc/man/ usable as MANPATH entry
1.0.1: 2011-03-08
* Added cdist-type-template including manpage
* Fix manpage building
* Add new manpages: cdist-stages, cdist-bin-transfer
1.0.0: 2011-03-07
* Initial release