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# Requirements
* Docker (on \*buntu systems https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/ubuntu/)
# How To
* On your local machine create */media/dcp*
* copy the DCPs to */media/dcp*
* run *build_script.sh* (as the correct user (e.g. on somet setups *root*))
* run *run_script.sh* (as the correct user (e.g. on some setups *root*))
* connect to the DCPValidator via *http://localhost:8080*
# Update the container
* Stop the docker container (*sudo docker stop dcpvalidator; sudo docker rm dcpvalidator*)
* Update the git repo (*git pull*)
* Get the newest .deb from https://www.zweib.com/portfolio/medienproduktion/dcp-validator/
* Move it to *./DCPValidator/*
* Change the *COPY* line in the Dockerfile (*./DCPValidator/Dockerfile*) to point to the new .deb package
* run *build_script.sh*
* run *run_script.sh*
# Hints
* Docker documentation: https://docs.docker.com/
* Docker cheat sheet: https://docs.docker.com/