Commit 2788de47 authored by Darko Poljak's avatar Darko Poljak

Improve log line

parent 1e18e71b
......@@ -733,7 +733,7 @@ while [ "${source_no}" -lt "${no_sources}" ]; do
# It need not to be deleted, rsync will sync its content.
oldest_bak=$(ls -${TSORT}1r | grep "^${INTERVAL}\\." | head -n 1 || \
_exit_err "Listing oldest backup failed")
_techo "Using ${oldest_bak} for destination dir"
_techo "Using ${oldest_bak} for destination dir ${destination_dir}"
mv "${oldest_bak}" "${destination_dir}" ||
_exit_err "Moving oldest backup ${oldest_bak} to ${destination_dir} failed."
# Touch dest dir so it is not sorted wrong in listings below.
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