Commit 59b50e7f authored by Darko Poljak's avatar Darko Poljak

Merge branch 'ungleich-master-patch-28394' into 'master'

make rsync return code available in post_exec

See merge request ungleich-public/ccollect!14
parents 109b70ea a261ef84
......@@ -824,6 +824,11 @@ while [ "${source_no}" -lt "${no_sources}" ]; do
rsync "$@" "${source}" "${destination_dir}"; ret=$?
_techo "Finished backup (rsync return code: $ret)."
# export rsync return code, might be useful in post_exec
export rsync_return_code=$ret
# Set modification time (mtime) to current time, if sorting by mtime is enabled
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