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fnux 16b5158ef5 Merge branch 'uacme' into 'master'
TLS certificates with uacme

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!25
2021-03-27 18:18:04 +01:00
sparrowhawk 73c14825bc
Fix remarks on __uacme_obtain. 2021-03-16 13:04:26 +01:00
sparrowhawk f4caa52750
Cleanup so the output is more elegant. 2021-03-16 13:03:25 +01:00
sparrowhawk 5d9bebbdb5
Fix remarks on __uacme_account. 2021-03-16 13:02:51 +01:00
sparrowhawk 5e2a28d929
Remove -x from script to avoid empty cron messages. 2021-03-16 11:04:26 +01:00
fnux c80d041e1c Merge branch 'wikijs-user' into 'master'
[__wikijs] run under own user

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!26
2021-03-08 09:44:42 +01:00
fnux 859a156cef
[__wikijs] run under own user 2021-03-01 07:23:47 +01:00
fnux 71c28b9d1f Merge branch '__matrix_synapse' into 'master'
__matrix_synapse types

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!9
2021-02-26 08:34:54 +01:00
fnux 3263c5dddd
[__matrix_synapse] add outbound-federation-worker parameter 2021-02-24 19:31:48 +01:00
fnux e10ae4d0a7
[__matrix_synapse] Wire parameters for PGSQL pool size 2021-02-24 18:50:01 +01:00
fnux 7983e341e5
[__matrix_synapse] fix yet more typos in parameter handling 2021-02-24 17:58:42 +01:00
fnux 4e37bc2245
[__matrix_synapse] fix typo in complexity threshold handling 2021-02-24 14:36:00 +01:00
fnux b3f5244cd6
__matrix_synapse: fix SMTP password handling 2021-02-22 13:59:53 +01:00
fnux d589993c6d
[__matrix_synapse] fix typo/error in LDAP configuration handling 2021-02-22 13:12:47 +01:00
fnux f27e65f8e0
[__matrix_synapse*] add --bind-address flag 2021-02-19 11:25:16 +01:00
fnux 1370abb991
[__uacme_*] Import from cdist-recycledcloud 2021-02-19 10:44:58 +01:00
fnux f1bab1e23b
[__wikijs] add missing executable bit to initd service 2021-02-19 09:19:24 +01:00
fnux 028583f096
[__matrix_synapse_worker] fix config-path parameter in systemd unit 2021-02-18 16:10:04 +01:00
fnux 467a1350bf
[__matrix_synapse_worker] bind both v6 and v4, set x_forwarded 2021-02-18 16:03:59 +01:00
fnux f3d8717e69
[__matrix_synapse] fix typo in __apt_backports call 2021-02-18 14:32:41 +01:00
fnux 6487839cf5
[__matrix_synapse_worker] various tweaks and fixes following testing 2021-02-18 14:10:19 +01:00
fnux adc335669d
[__matrix_synapse] use __apt_backport instead of __apt_source 2021-02-18 14:09:44 +01:00
fnux 12575d661b
[__matrix_synapse] add documentation for --registration-shared-secret 2021-02-18 14:09:33 +01:00
fnux e8b0ced1b1
[__matrix_synapse] various configuration fixes 2021-02-18 11:27:34 +01:00
fnux c84831331e
[__matrix_synapse_worker] add forgotten variable export 2021-02-17 14:02:02 +01:00
fnux 33bf0fd416
[__matrix_synapse] wire TLS certs, fix some templating errors 2021-02-17 14:01:06 +01:00
fnux 37762dd1ca
[__matrix_synapse_worker] initial implementation 2021-02-17 10:52:29 +01:00
fnux 2bcc815555
[__matrix_synapse] wire up worker mode 2021-02-17 10:15:01 +01:00
fnux a1ad30f0c5
[__matrix_synapse] refresh manpage, fix various parameter handling issues 2021-02-17 09:44:50 +01:00
fnux 5b70dbd3e9
__matrix_synapse: refresh configuration template and type parameters 2021-02-15 18:50:12 +01:00
sparrowhawk 2d5b32db1c
Wrap gencode-local in a heredoc. 2021-02-13 15:45:26 +01:00
Nico Schottelius f6d79e91ff [__unbound] Add missing dns64-prefix parameter 2021-02-12 14:09:31 +01:00
fnux 25849bbda1
__matrix_synapse: use dash instead of underscore in parameter names 2021-02-12 09:58:48 +01:00
fnux ce09c402b1
__matrix_synapse: make shellcheck happy! 2021-02-11 16:17:09 +01:00
fnux 8a27e5ef22
Import __matrix_synapse type from ungleich's dot-cdist 2021-02-11 16:17:08 +01:00
fnux 0437d9b9dd Merge branch 'nextcloud' into 'master'
__nextcloud types

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!18
2021-02-10 10:23:29 +01:00
evilham 7b892e1332 [__jitsi_meet] Upgrade prometheus jitsi exporter to 1.1.3
This also fixes a typo in the URL that resulted in the exporter not being
installed '-.-.
2021-02-06 20:36:57 +01:00
fnux 75d901c8e4 Merge branch 'jitsi' into 'master'
Jitsi Meet (and runit) types

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!21
2021-01-27 21:04:42 +01:00
sparrowhawk 0d431d086c
Split initializing the password store from generating passwords. 2021-01-27 16:06:28 +01:00
fnux 1a4e95c821 Merge branch 'unbound-nodns64' into 'master'
Allow non-dns64 unbound setup, normalize unbound type parameters

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!20
2021-01-25 07:36:58 +01:00
fnux fd55a6e8dc Merge branch 'fix/__matrix_element/tarball' into 'master'
__matrix_element: fix download tarball name

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!23
2021-01-25 07:24:53 +01:00
matze b2b2add4c6 __matrix_element: fix download tarball name
All releases after 1.7.14 have a diffrent tarball name than releases
before this. This finally takes over the new name.

The version comparement function was taken from __sensible_editor, to
provide backward compatibility to older versions (if someone needs it).

Maybe this logic can be removed in a while ..
2021-01-24 09:25:02 +01:00
fnux 87d4c33e26
Make shellcheck happy with the __jitsi_* types 2021-01-13 08:54:28 +01:00
fnux a1620e8221
__jitsi_meet: remove forgotten/invalid requirement 2021-01-12 16:32:29 +01:00
fnux 8929c566fc
__wikijs: remove uneeded npm install call
2021-01-12 08:37:20 +01:00
fnux 7122fe1bee
__wikijs: add version management and HTTP(S) port configuration 2021-01-12 07:58:42 +01:00
sparrowhawk 647833580d
Split out service management from the installation type. 2021-01-12 07:58:42 +01:00
sparrowhawk ef748cf8e2
Fix typo and drop use of useless tempdir. 2021-01-12 07:58:42 +01:00
sparrowhawk 0e4bc443e2
Add a type for wikijs. 2021-01-12 07:58:42 +01:00
fnux bf90e55137 Merge branch 'master' into 'dma-type'
# Conflicts:
#   scripts/
2021-01-12 07:10:10 +01:00
fnux ac63762653
'unbrand' evilham's runit types 2021-01-11 14:18:41 +01:00
fnux 367cbde75b
Import evilham's runit types as it 2021-01-11 14:18:41 +01:00
fnux d3bf8512ec
'unbrand' evilham's jitsi types 2021-01-11 14:18:41 +01:00
fnux f055527735
Import evilham's jitsi types as-it 2021-01-11 14:18:41 +01:00
Dennis Camera f9f5c578f7 [type/__dma*] Fix shellcheck errors 2021-01-11 12:16:09 +01:00
fnux 5a05b87beb
__unbound: normalize flag format 2021-01-04 11:45:04 +01:00
fnux 9f4a85901e
Import html/man doc generation logic from upstream cdist 2021-01-04 11:08:55 +01:00
fnux 006987307f
__unbound: make the --dns64-prefix flag optional 2021-01-04 09:43:37 +01:00
matze 73e77f5b4d __nextcloud: add db:convert-filecache-bigint command
Looks like this command should be executed on upgrades, too.
2020-12-25 20:14:04 +01:00
matze 1a233062a5 __nextcloud: harden here-doc for su call
Because the here-doc will be evaluated again by the shell, it will was
changed to avoid this. Because the script does not depend on such
function, it will be done in faviour of special characters.
2020-12-25 11:44:32 +01:00
matze b6db7b5ca8 __nextcloud: suppress global warnings from occ
As it's the default for __nextcloud_app and __nextcloud_user, it will
now suppress global warnings, too. This will be done because nobody
cares about then, only about the errors generated from the executed
2020-12-21 19:04:53 +01:00
sparrowhawk 1b2d41a34a
Initial implementation of the __pass type. 2020-12-17 13:29:03 +01:00
matze c89bb59409 __nextcloud: add database maintainer command for upgrades
After my update to 20.0.2, Nextcloud complained about missing primary
key indexes. I don't know if it existed before that version, but
adding it to make life easier .. as no one will propably install an
older version than Nextcloud 20.0.2.
2020-11-20 19:23:40 +01:00
matze c0b3f79229 __nextcloud{,_user}: Updated manpages 2020-11-16 19:32:10 +01:00
Dennis Camera 487574c865 [type/__dma] Convert AWK to loop over same file twice 2020-11-16 14:15:52 +01:00
Dennis Camera 0932c9ccde [type/{__dma,__dma_auth,__mail_alias}] Quote things properly 2020-11-16 14:10:52 +01:00
Dennis Camera 7e20d13b9f [type/__mail_alias] Use explicit line variables in update_aliases.awk 2020-11-16 13:58:05 +01:00
Dennis Camera 04076a75eb [type/__mail_alias] man.rst: Make bugs a list 2020-11-16 13:57:34 +01:00
matze ee650d88ed __nextcloud_{app,user}: Updated man cause of __nextcloud changes
Also, the `gencode-remote` scripts where marked executeable.
2020-11-15 19:14:31 +01:00
matze 3fda91ca2f __nextcloud: add comments about the maintenance mode
... because it not always work like you want it.
2020-11-15 17:40:02 +01:00
matze 32417aba34 __nextcloud: aborts at installation with pgsql/mariadb
Accidentally, there was a check for a parameter that could not exist.
The block is now streamlined as other parameters got handled, too :-)
2020-11-15 16:34:26 +01:00
matze c24aedd4db __nextcloud: remove --webroot parameter
Because the detection of the webroot is not that good, it was removed.
Now, the object id contains the full path of the nextcloud installation.

This changes the installation process a bit, as it will download the
tarball to /tmp rather the webroot.

Also, this commit contains a bit overhaul work.
2020-11-15 16:21:56 +01:00
fnux 2e02c413b6 Merge branch 'netbox' into 'master'
__netbox type

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!12
2020-11-04 09:24:18 +01:00
matze 7490cef49e Initial __nextcloud_app type
Overall complete, more functionalitly is currently out of scope.
2020-10-31 16:50:06 +01:00
matze 9ed1a9cbfd __nextcloud_user: fix misspelled quota parameter 2020-10-31 16:25:35 +01:00
matze d0f597b9e4 __nextcloud: added manpage notes
.. and some more.
2020-10-31 14:27:47 +01:00
matze a82a880858 __nextcloud_user: finished manpage 2020-10-31 12:26:36 +01:00
matze 30205b38ae __nextcloud_user: add --quota paramter 2020-10-31 11:44:31 +01:00
matze 82283d0b1c __nextcloud_user: new parameters to prevent changes to the user
This adds new parameters `--only-setup` and `--keep-*` to prevent
certain parameters to be changed in Nextcloud. This will not apply to
the setup.
2020-10-31 09:47:38 +01:00
matze 635f03f527 __nextcloud_user: use occ group: commands
Instead of the self-tinkered php code, the correct occ command is used
2020-10-30 20:08:32 +01:00
matze 1e1df1016d __nextcloud_user: add manpage 2020-10-30 20:05:12 +01:00
matze b0ed6b2f18 Initial __nextcloud_user type
This type setup and updates a nextcloud user account. Currently not
finished yet, but should work in all cases.
2020-10-30 19:14:24 +01:00
matze 072ca37720 __nextcloud: stricter check configuration values
This now checks the configuration value exactly and does not say there
are equal if just the end of the string differs.

Resulting from this, it will run code the next run if the default port
was in a database migration. This was fixed by instantly correct this
configuration value.
2020-10-26 19:19:49 +01:00
matze b368102bd5 __nextcloud: misc adjustments
Mostly to the manpage, but some minor fixes, too.
2020-10-25 20:29:57 +01:00
matze 87e115da98 __netbox: some manpage fixes
Mostly invalid links ..
2020-10-25 19:13:10 +01:00
matze 77b530eefb __nextcloud: update manpage
Added webroot detection, examples and notes. Should be complete now.
2020-10-25 18:57:02 +01:00
matze 809ad7aa9d __nextcloud: migrate if the database type change
This adds a migration progess if the database type changes automaticly.
2020-10-25 14:55:11 +01:00
matze facb204749 __nextcloud: move data directory if destination changes
The type now handles the case when the data directory will be moved to
an other location. To this, adjustment to the "maintainer mode" on
setting and the manpage.
2020-10-24 21:09:35 +02:00
matze 3bda4cf0c8 __nextcloud: respect installer default values
To do not override default values from the nextcloud installer script,
they are accepted as default values if the user did not set any value.
2020-10-24 17:29:38 +02:00
matze f5c988c0f2 __nextcloud: make some db parameters mandatory
Some database parameters are required if the type is `mysql` or `pgsql`.
Also, the variants of the parameter --database-type decreased to those
that work with the configuration, as it is directly mapped to the

The functions in `` where extended to support the
conditional mandatory argument to throw an error if this parameter is
2020-10-24 16:46:19 +02:00
matze b6f4da7692 __nextcloud: completly respect --install-only parameter
This commit changes the manifest to do not check for too low versions
and does not download and unpack a tarball if available if the parameter
--install-only is set. This should make it useable now.

Also, a short message change to match the manual.
2020-10-24 15:39:54 +02:00
matze ea58f98ecb __nextcloud: added initial manpage
Still somehow a draft ..
2020-10-24 13:36:26 +02:00
matze 3db4dcc6ea __nextcloud: add --data-directory to config 2020-10-24 12:56:06 +02:00
matze 0a0e4d26b4 __nextcloud: fix shellcheck
Mostly simply because of php inline code .. also because of the argument
generation for the installation setup.
2020-10-24 10:10:30 +02:00
matze 979398e398 Initial __nextcloud type
This type should work, but there are still many things to do here to
work nice and well.

Things that currently not work (well):
  - not all parameters work for now
  - nextcloud installations in subfolders (e.g. slashes in the object id)
2020-10-24 09:24:49 +02:00
matze c1d5d5b088 __netbox: remove dependency to package virtualenv
This is not required any more because it was completly replaced by
`python3-venv`. The venv handling is already given to `__pyvenv`.
2020-10-24 08:52:43 +02:00
matze 46bff41f6d __netbox{,_uwsgi}: updated manpages
Mostly added notes of what does not work that well.
2020-10-17 11:22:47 +02:00
matze 558021d2ee __netbox: reorder generated code for shorter transition
Now, the venv and pip things are done before the program files are
replaced, which should minimize the outage where the application is not
2020-10-17 11:08:11 +02:00
matze 9def5700c8 __netbox: replace redis DEFAULT_TIMEOUT with RQ_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT
The first one was deprecated by the second one.
2020-10-17 10:21:52 +02:00
matze 144cae3b79 __netbox: use __pyenv and remove obsolete netbox stop
Now, the python venv is now created via `pyvenv` or `python3 -m venv`
instead of the legacy `virtualenv`. For this, not all python processes
from the venv need to be stopped.

Migration from previous versions of this type may be difficult, but
solvable if the venv will be recreated.
2020-10-17 10:16:25 +02:00
matze 72f2996c50 __netbox*: fix shellcheck SC2162 2020-10-11 16:56:54 +02:00
matze 32c95ccb22 __netbox: don't call pip3 uninstall if nothing available
To avoid an error from pip, it will be checked if there are packages to
uninstall. This is better than just doing `|| true`.
2020-10-11 16:50:22 +02:00
matze 13e97d171b __netbox*: added systemd socket support
The Gunicorn type now supports systemd sockets only. With uWSGI, you can
choose between it and the native sockets based on the parameters chosen.
This is done because it could not be implemented to have multiple
protocols with the systemd sockets (so you may choose).

The systemd socket unit file is generally available, so both types use
the same script to generate the socket unit file.
2020-10-11 16:39:19 +02:00
matze 3b780c4794 __netbox: fixup small bugs and venv process killing
Changed flag (force to ignore a non-existant directory), typo and
swapped arguments are done. Also, the process to stop all processes from
the virtal environment has changed: Now, it stops all potential services
and ignore errors (because a service doesn't exist).

After that, it sends a kill signal to all processes and then gracefully
wait since there is no option to do that with systemd.
2020-10-08 19:54:48 +02:00
matze 0b3bc14530 __netbox: adjusted command flags
Mostly added -q to the pip calls. Also forced the temp directory removal.
2020-10-06 17:29:31 +02:00
matze 8f1b56026c __netbox: force link creation for config files
This adds the force flag to `ln` to avoid aborts cause the link already
exists and so forth. It also adds robustness to the execution.
2020-10-05 19:02:05 +02:00
matze 0c85b2d3fd __netbox: uninstall not anymore required packages
This code tries to remove packages not needed anymore. As it presumably
not removing dependencies, it's not that perfect pice of script.
2020-10-05 18:26:47 +02:00
matze 14f7cf8839 __netbox: set --data-root default value
The default value is set to preserve all data saved by netbox. As
explained in the manpage, it sets the directory for all data directories
to `~netbox/data/` (would resolve to `/opt/netbox/data/`), so upgrades
will not remove this data.
2020-10-04 17:40:01 +02:00
Dennis Camera f76bcd3574 [type/__dma_auth] Update man.rst 2020-10-01 17:21:19 +02:00
Dennis Camera 1c9ab6e07b [type/__dma] Update man.rst 2020-10-01 17:18:01 +02:00
Dennis Camera f202d11124 [type/__mail_alias] Fix continuation line processing 2020-10-01 13:54:46 +02:00
Dennis Camera c6b795b3f9 [type/__mail_alias] Update man.rst and make --alias required 2020-10-01 13:31:00 +02:00
Dennis Camera 231f96de18 Error if expected environment variables are unset 2020-10-01 13:31:00 +02:00
matze 050812305b __netbox: add calls recommended from upstream
Calls where added because there are used upstream in the
``-Script, too.

2020-09-28 20:04:22 +02:00
matze b55186544f __netbox: adding seperate /opt/netbox/cdist/ directory
Adding a place to keep all configuration stuff for cdist seperated from
the installation directory. For safety reasons.
2020-09-28 19:49:29 +02:00
Dennis Camera 2270c32ddb [type/__dma] Add missing license headers 2020-09-28 17:30:53 +02:00
Dennis Camera b48b48e404 [type/__mail_alias] Externalise AWK update script to separate file 2020-09-28 17:29:41 +02:00
Dennis Camera 6ae0808560 [type/__dma] Externalise AWK update script to separate file 2020-09-28 16:54:21 +02:00
Marko Seric 3feaea1d96 [type/__dma_auth] Externalise AWK update script to separate file 2020-09-28 16:43:31 +02:00
Dennis Camera d693bf5f90 Move auth_conf explorer from __dma_auth to __dma 2020-09-28 16:34:12 +02:00
Dennis Camera 445bc75deb [type/__dma_auth] Drop --server parameter
Currently, dma does not differentiate between login users on the SMTP server.
It will pick whatever entry it finds first
As a result, the --server parameter only adds confusion.
2020-09-28 15:35:58 +02:00
matze e800f42a6d __netbox: consistency with __systemd_unit --restart
This commit brings consistency into the --restart parameter for systemd
units. All units except the netbox wrapper service will be restarted on
unit change.
2020-09-09 20:33:20 +02:00
matze dd167f075d __netbox*: fix service restart order
Cause of corrupt databases if the services are restarted incorrectly,
the order and dependencies are adjusted. Now, the `netbox-rq` service
will be included in restarts of `netbox` and required for the WSGI
servers that it must running.

For these changes, the restart command of `__netbox` was adjusted. The
other ones where edited too, to use the same command.

All services now require redis and postgresql to be started before them
to prevent any start order issues.

If someone asked for what the RQ worker is required, see here:
2020-09-09 19:08:46 +02:00
matze 5d437839f6 __netbox: replaced secret key character set
The used character set should now only contain characters used by the
`netbox/` program. Finially got correct escaping.
2020-09-08 19:52:03 +02:00
matze 549feb87f9 __netbox: fix --update-notify
Template script for the `` interpreted the boolean flag
incorrectly and did the thing the user do not wanted.
2020-09-08 19:20:22 +02:00
matze 398a3da10e __netbox: fix gerneration random generated secret key
Because `/dev/random` was used, the `cdist config` could hang a long
time to get real random values. The pseudo-generated values through
`/dev/urandom` are fully enought for the secret key.
2020-09-08 18:10:15 +02:00
matze 3389752dec __netbox: fix detection of the secret-key to use
Mixed up a parameter. Should be correct now.
2020-09-07 17:23:22 +02:00
matze eed3515424 __netbox: add --ldap-staff-group parameter
Required to get "admin access".
2020-09-07 17:10:59 +02:00
matze 0afc7136f8 __netbox_uwsgi: fix if only --bind-to given
If the here-document is empty because no file could be found, an empty
line will be read. The new line of code will skip in those cases.
2020-09-06 18:39:07 +02:00
matze c9e4e8d7dc __netbox_{gunicorn,uwsgi}: add state parameter
Adds the --state parameter to both types. With it, the transition
between both types can be done smothly.
2020-09-06 13:44:03 +02:00
matze 3b07a660b3 __netbox_uwsgi: add hint to the --serve-static parameter 2020-09-05 22:55:43 +02:00
matze b10f6b71d0 __netbox: avoid useless generated code-remote
Because `set -e` got printed all the time, the type __netbox always had
some generated code for the remote side. This line was removed because
this is already done by cdist when executing the code-remote script.

Rather, the exit-on-error option was set to some scirpts (two ..).
2020-09-05 22:34:14 +02:00
matze 9d330a91bc __netbox_{gunicorn,uwsgi}: add netbox ownership to config file 2020-09-05 22:27:42 +02:00
matze 090a8f015e __netbox_uwsgi: fix uwsgi netbox service file
Revert working directory changes as the configuration file still needs
to be accessable. An absolute path would work, too, but it is not the
preferred way.

To still work with the python wsgi application, `--chdir` is used.
2020-09-05 22:08:37 +02:00
matze ffba3ae776 __netbox_uwsgi: add --serve-static parameter
New option to directly serve static content via uWSGI.
2020-09-05 22:01:15 +02:00
matze 5a403de057 __netbox_uwsgi: fix shellcheck
Fixed shellcheck cause of the find command. This required a bigger
change due to variables and subshell. Now, input is used through a
2020-09-05 19:09:34 +02:00
matze 755bd9098e __netbox*: update systemd service files
The `uwsgi-netbox` service now works, also the `netbox` wrapper service.
The PID file was removed from the Gunicorn service as it is not required
and a bit more efford to move it to `/run/` due to permissions.

Generally, all depend on `` instead of
`` now, and signals for reload, stop and kill were
added (especially required the uwsgi service).
2020-09-05 15:18:49 +02:00
matze 314a0d4d8e __netbox: kill all running venv processes
To avoid aborts because of the python venv could not be updated by
killing all processes that uses the venv.

It will be done all times to prevent any error, because it could not be
reliably detected if the type installs or updates NetBox.
2020-09-05 13:53:05 +02:00
matze af91b6e3a1 __netbox_uwsgi: mark as singleton
This should have been done much earlier .. :/
2020-09-05 11:26:15 +02:00
matze 243e34f0a5 __netbox_uwsgi: enable further protocols to bind to
Enables multiple protocols like fastcgi or HTTP to bind to. This makes
it more flexible to use.

Also, a little fix for __netbox was done: correctly output a error msg.
2020-09-05 11:20:20 +02:00
matze 2805b6beff __netbox{,_gunicorn}: fix shellcheck directives 2020-09-02 09:15:45 +02:00
matze dbc91cb339 __netbox*: updated man pages 2020-09-02 07:50:12 +02:00
matze facb5a64d3 __netbox{,_gunicorn}: disabled shellcheck warnings
Shellcheck warned about creating content for a python array. As the
string will be printed literally into the config, the warning does not
match to the current case.
2020-09-01 13:20:31 +02:00
matze 9d8b3ebe74 __netbox: add wrapper service to manage the wsgi services
The wrapper service will "control" the services added from the
__netbox_* types to provide a general interface. This is more dynamic
than the alias approach used previously. Through this, it is possible
to handle multiple wsgi services for netbox - if this works ..

See as a reference:
2020-09-01 10:02:08 +02:00
matze 1ef4420c53 __netbox_uwsgi: new type to handle uwsgi for netbox 2020-08-27 19:46:09 +02:00
matze bbce0030ab __netbox: enable ldap usage via
The REMOTE_AUTH_BACKEND must be set to use LDAP.

It now exports USE_LDAP to generally say if LDAP is being used in the
configuration or not.
2020-08-26 21:07:31 +02:00
matze e0a1b4f663 __netbox_gunicorn: extract gunicorn setup from __netbox
Because someone *want* to use something other than just gunicorn, it was
extracted to a own type. Because gunicorn is a bit deep in the netbox
installation process, it's a bit harder to isolate it.

`__netbox_uwsgi` will come, too.
2020-08-26 20:08:37 +02:00
Dennis Camera 49d39eaee5 [type/__mail_alias] Fix error with some AWK implementations
Some AWK implementations seem to have a problem with parameters named default.

    awk: cmd. line:2: function sepafter(f, default,    _) {
    awk: cmd. line:2:                      ^ syntax error
    awk: cmd. line:5: 	return _ ? _ : default
    awk: cmd. line:5: 	               ^ syntax error

In addition the temp file is removed if an error occurs.
2020-08-26 18:56:02 +02:00
matze eaf639790b __netbox: remove ldap pip3 package if not required 2020-08-26 17:39:19 +02:00
matze 8ff7a4616d __netbox: allow multiple hostnames 2020-08-25 19:30:32 +02:00