Commit bb6e196b authored by ssrq's avatar ssrq

[type/__easy_rsa_ca] Implement simple PKI presence check if explorer said "no-pki"

parent b15ccc92
......@@ -33,8 +33,30 @@ fi
state_is=$(cat "${__object:?}/explorer/state")
# Terminate early if state is "present"
test "${state_is}" != 'present' || exit 0
case ${state_is}
exit 0
# NOTE: The following block is a bit of a "hack" to work around the fact
# that requirements in cdist only work for code, but not for
# explorers. Due to this, it could happen that the state explorer
# executes before the PKI has been initialised.
# Before doing anything else, check if the pki directory is present.
cat <<-EOF
test -d $(quote "${base_dir}/pki") || {
echo 'Could not find pki directory in ${base_dir}.' >&2
echo 'Please make sure that __easy_rsa_pki${base_dir} is ran first.' >&2
exit 1
# continue below
# loop through mapping file
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