Commit fc4d0f4b authored by ssrq's avatar ssrq

[type/__easy_rsa_cert] Remove PKI and CA presence checks from manifest

Due to cdist's design the pki-presence and ca-presence explorers cannot be
trusted at this stage.
It would be possible that cdist executes the explorer before code-remote of
__easy_rsa_pki and/or __easy_rsa_ca has been executed, potentially leading to a
false negative.
parent 54ec14b7
......@@ -32,16 +32,3 @@ in
exit 1
pki_state=$(cat "${__object:?}/explorer/pki-presence")
if [ "${pki_state}" = "absent" ] && [ -z ${__cdist_dry_run+real_run} ]; then
echo "No PKI found. Exiting" >&2
exit 1
ca_state=$(cat "${__object:?}/explorer/ca-presence")
if [ "${ca_state}" = "absent" ] && [ -z ${__cdist_dry_run+real_run} ]; then
echo "No CA found. Exiting" >&2
exit 1
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