Commit c991cbfe authored by ssrq's avatar ssrq

[explorer/init] Introduce special case for Syno-flavoured upstart

While Synology DSM uses upstart as init, it uses /usr/share/init (which is
symlinked to /etc/init) and has special commands to start or stop services.
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......@@ -240,7 +240,12 @@ check_upstart() {
case $(initctl version)
*'(upstart '*')')
if test -d /etc/init
if test -x /usr/syno/sbin/synoservice \
-a -x /usr/syno/sbin/synoservicectl
# upstart-based Synology init system
echo upstart-syno
elif test -d /etc/init
# modern (DBus-based?) upstart >= 0.5
echo upstart
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