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Rolling-release policy, CI, new type requirements (shellcheck + manpage)

See merge request !2
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# cdist-contrib chsangelog
# cdist-contrib changes
## 2020-0?-??: 0.?.? (Not released yet)
* New type: __find_exec (Ander Punnar)
* 2020-04-28: New type: __find_exec (Ander Punnar)
......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@ tool with community-maitained types which are either too specific to fit/be
maintained in cdist itself or were not accepted in code cdist but could still
be useful.
The releases of cdist-contrib are not necessarly synced with cdist itself.
This project does not have releases and is continously updated: see
`` for details.
## Using cdist-contrib
......@@ -39,3 +40,16 @@ Join us on [][cdistmatrix] on matrix or on
## Contributing
The preferred way to submit patches is by opening Merge Requests against the
[cdist-contrib project on]( (you
can make an account on
Every type in cdist-contrib must:
* Have a `man.rst` documentation page.
* Pass [shellcheck]( without errors.
# Move to top-level cdist-contrib directory.
cd $(dirname $0)/..
# Check that each type has a man page.
for t in type/*; do
if [ ! -f "$t/man.rst" ]; then
echo "No manpage for type $t!"
exit $status
SHELLCHECKCMD="shellcheck -s sh -f gcc -x"
# Skip SC2154 for variables starting with __ since such variables are cdist
# environment variables.
SHELLCHECK_SKIP=': __.*is referenced but not assigned.*\[SC2154\]'
# Move to top-level cdist-contrib directory.
cd $(dirname $0)/..
check () {
find type/ -type f $1 $2 -exec ${SHELLCHECKCMD} {} + | grep -v "${SHELLCHECK_SKIP}" > "${SHELLCHECKTMP}"
test ! -s "${SHELLCHECKTMP}" || { cat "${SHELLCHECKTMP}"; exit 1; }
check -path "*/explorer/*"
check -path "*/files/*"
check -name manifest
check -name gencode-local
check -name gencode-remote
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