__netbox: uninstall not anymore required packages

This code tries to remove packages not needed anymore. As it presumably
not removing dependencies, it's not that perfect pice of script.
This commit is contained in:
matze 2020-10-05 18:26:47 +02:00
parent 14f7cf8839
commit 0c85b2d3fd

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@ -36,18 +36,35 @@ ps -axo pid,cmd | awk '\$2 ~ "^/opt/netbox/venv/"{print \$1}' | xargs kill || tr
cat << EOF
# backup requirement files
if [ -f /opt/netbox/requirements.txt]; then
cp /opt/netbox/requirements.txt /opt/netbox/old-requirements.txt
# preseve file-not-found errors and warnings
touch /opt/netbox/old-requirements.txt
cp '$src/requirements.txt' /opt/netbox/
# Deploy sources and restore configuration.
rm -r '$install_dir'
cp -r '$src/netbox' '$install_dir'
cp '$src/requirements.txt' /opt/netbox/ # backup dependency info
ln -s /opt/netbox/cdist/configuration.py '$install_dir/netbox/configuration.py'
ln -s /opt/netbox/cdist/ldap_config.py '$install_dir/netbox/ldap_config.py'
# Setup & enter python virtualenv.
# forcing python3 to be sure (till python4 gets released ..)
virtualenv -p python3 /opt/netbox/venv
# Uninstall packages not required anymore
# if versions not shortend, they will be ignored by pip, but not by comm
# all of this could be done with grep, too, but it's still must be shortend with awk
awk -F== '{print $1}' '/opt/netbox/requirements.txt' | sort > "\$tmpdir/curr-reqs.txt"
awk -F== '{print $1}' '/opt/netbox/old-requirements.txt' | sort > "\$tmpdir/old-reqs.txt"
comm -23 "\$tmpdir/curr-reqs.txt" "\$tmpdir/old-reqs.txt" \
| xargs /opt/netbox/venv/bin/pip3 uninstall -y
# Install python dependencies.
# avoid gunicorn, because it will be done in an other type
grep -v "^gunicorn==" "\$tmpdir/$src/requirements.txt" \
@ -57,7 +74,7 @@ EOF
if [ -f "$__object/parameter/ldap-server" ]; then
echo "/opt/netbox/venv/bin/pip3 install django-auth-ldap"
echo "/opt/netbox/venv/bin/pip3 uninstall django-auth-ldap"
echo "/opt/netbox/venv/bin/pip3 uninstall -y django-auth-ldap"
cat << EOF