__netbox: fixup small bugs and venv process killing

Changed flag (force to ignore a non-existant directory), typo and
swapped arguments are done. Also, the process to stop all processes from
the virtal environment has changed: Now, it stops all potential services
and ignore errors (because a service doesn't exist).

After that, it sends a kill signal to all processes and then gracefully
wait since there is no option to do that with systemd.
This commit is contained in:
matze 2020-10-08 19:54:48 +02:00
parent 0b3bc14530
commit 3b780c4794

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@ -28,16 +28,24 @@ EOF
# Stop everything in the pyenv to update
cat << EOF
# Try to kill everything in the venv
systemctl -q --wait stop netbox gunicorn-netbox uwsgi-netbox || true
# don't know if this is required since using --wait
ps -axo pid,cmd | awk '\$2 ~ "^/opt/netbox/venv/"{print \$1}' | xargs kill || true
# Try to stop everything in the venv (ignore non-existant services)
systemctl -q stop netbox gunicorn-netbox uwsgi-netbox || true
# kill and poll till all venv processes end
# at least if they are called with full path in the cmd (like in the services)
pids="\$( ps -axo pid,cmd | awk '\$2 ~ "^/opt/netbox/venv/"{print \$1}' )"
if [ "\$pids" ]; then
kill \$pids
while ps -axo pid,cmd | awk '\$2 ~ "^/opt/netbox/venv/"{print \$1}' | grep -q . ; do
sleep 0.5
cat << EOF
# backup requirement files
if [ -f /opt/netbox/requirements.txt]; then
if [ -f /opt/netbox/requirements.txt ]; then
cp /opt/netbox/requirements.txt /opt/netbox/old-requirements.txt
# preseve file-not-found errors and warnings
@ -46,7 +54,7 @@ fi
cp '$src/requirements.txt' /opt/netbox/
# Deploy sources and restore configuration.
rm -r '$install_dir'
rm -rf '$install_dir'
cp -r '$src/netbox' '$install_dir'
# force links to the cdist directory
ln -fs /opt/netbox/cdist/configuration.py '$install_dir/netbox/configuration.py'
@ -62,7 +70,7 @@ virtualenv -p python3 /opt/netbox/venv
# all of this could be done with grep, too, but it's still must be shortend with awk
awk -F== '{print $1}' '/opt/netbox/requirements.txt' | sort > "\$tmpdir/curr-reqs.txt"
awk -F== '{print $1}' '/opt/netbox/old-requirements.txt' | sort > "\$tmpdir/old-reqs.txt"
comm -23 "\$tmpdir/curr-reqs.txt" "\$tmpdir/old-reqs.txt" \
comm -23 "\$tmpdir/old-reqs.txt" "\$tmpdir/curr-reqs.txt" \
| xargs /opt/netbox/venv/bin/pip3 uninstall -qy
# Install python dependencies.