__netbox: consistency with __systemd_unit --restart

This commit brings consistency into the --restart parameter for systemd
units. All units except the netbox wrapper service will be restarted on
unit change.
This commit is contained in:
matze 2020-09-09 20:33:20 +02:00
parent dd167f075d
commit e800f42a6d

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@ -213,8 +213,10 @@ SECRET
# Upload systemd unit for worker and wsgi service
for unit in netbox netbox-rq; do
__systemd_unit $unit.service \
--source "$__type/files/$unit.service" \
--enablement-state enabled
# does not restart netbox on change cause it only restart all other services
__systemd_unit netbox.service \
--source "$__type/files/netbox.service" \
--enablement-state enabled
__systemd_unit netbox-rq.service \
--source "$__type/files/netbox-rq.service" \
--enablement-state enabled --restart