Community maintained cdist types.
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#!/bin/sh -eu
SHELLCHECKCMD='shellcheck -s sh -f gcc -x'
# Skip SC2154 for variables starting with __ since such variables are cdist
# environment variables.
SHELLCHECK_SKIP=': __.*is referenced but not assigned.*\[SC2154\]'
# Move to top-level cdist-contrib directory.
cd "$(dirname $0)"/..
check() {
find type/ -type f "$@" -exec ${SHELLCHECKCMD} {} + \
| grep -v "${SHELLCHECK_SKIP}" >>"${SHELLCHECKTMP}" || true
check -path '*/explorer/*'
check -path '*/files/*' -name '*.sh'
check -name manifest
check -name gencode-local
check -name gencode-remote
if test -s "${SHELLCHECKTMP}"
cat "${SHELLCHECKTMP}" >&2
exit 1