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Here are the features that make cdist unique.
There is only one type to extend cdist called **type**
+ Type and core cleanly separated
+ Sticks completely to the KISS (keep it simple and stupid) paradigm
+ Meaningful error messages - do not lose time debugging error messages
+ Consistency in behaviour, naming and documentation
+ No surprise factor: Only do what is obviously clear, no magic
+ Define target state, do not focus on methods or scripts
+ Push architecture: Instantly apply your changes
**Small core**
cdist's core is very small - less code, less bugs
**Fast development**
Focus on straightforwardness of type creation is a main development objective
Batteries included: A lot of requirements can be solved using standard types
**Modern Programming Language**
cdist is written in Python
**Requirements, Scalability**
No central server needed, cdist operates in push mode and can be run from any computer
**Requirements, Scalability, Upgrade**
cdist only needs to be updated on the master, not on the target hosts
**Requirements, Security**
Uses well-know `SSH <>`_ as transport protocol
**Requirements, Simplicity**
Requires only shell and SSH server on the target
Reuse of existing tools like cat, find, mv, ...
**UNIX, familiar environment, documentation**
Is available as manpages and HTML
**UNIX, simplicity, familiar environment**
cdist is configured in POSIX shell