Commit 648809ff authored by Nico Schottelius's avatar Nico Schottelius

begin ssh integration

Signed-off-by: default avatarNico Schottelius <>
parent f5edb02f
- next step
- rootfs fix
- get working to login
- have sshd enabled
- everything into initramfs?
- Target:
- get working iso
- have it configured and gathered by cdist?
- boot process via ...?
- systemd?
......@@ -11,6 +19,8 @@
- bootstrap of os
-> root permissions!
- boot device
- uefi support
[9:15] wurzel:hacking% pacman -Ql syslinux | grep ldlin
syslinux /usr/lib/syslinux/bios/ldlinux.c32
# Generate filelist excluding stuff that takes only space
for pkg in bash systemd util-linux; do
for pkg in bash systemd util-linux openssh; do
pacman -Qlq $pkg | grep -v \
-e /usr/share/man/
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