Commit 8efd2681 authored by Darko Poljak's avatar Darko Poljak

Merge branch '__apt_key_mktemp_gpghome' into 'master'

__apt_key: use mktemp for unique temporary gpg home

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist!812
parents ac2463fe 01bd0157
......@@ -61,31 +61,29 @@ EOF
echo "curl -s -L '$uri' | apt-key add -"
elif [ -d "$keydir" ]; then
# we need to kill gpg after 30 seconds, because gpg
# can get stuck if keyserver is not responding.
# exporting env var and not exit 1,
# because we need to clean up and kill dirmngr.
cat << EOF
mkdir -m 700 -p "$tmp"
gpgtmphome="\$( mktemp -d )"
if timeout 30s \\
gpg --homedir "$tmp" \\
gpg --homedir "\$gpgtmphome" \\
--keyserver "$keyserver" \\
--recv-keys "$keyid"
gpg --homedir "$tmp" \\
gpg --homedir "\$gpgtmphome" \\
--export "$keyid" \\
> "$keyfile"
export GPG_GOT_STUCK=1
GNUPGHOME="$tmp" gpgconf --kill dirmngr
GNUPGHOME="\$gpgtmphome" gpgconf --kill dirmngr
rm -rf "$tmp"
rm -rf "\$gpgtmphome"
if [ -n "\$GPG_GOT_STUCK" ]
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