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Docs: install from source, verify signature

Add chapter for installing from source with signature verification.
Resolves #795.
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* Documentation: Embed config skeleton instead of rewriting it (Darko Poljak)
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* Documentation: Add installing from source with signature verification (Darko Poljak)
6.2.0: 2019-11-30
* Core: Redefine/reimplement/fix CDIST_ORDER_DEPENDENCY (Darko Poljak)
......@@ -23,8 +23,6 @@ Target Hosts
Install cdist
You can install cdist either from git or as a python package.
From git
......@@ -42,6 +40,7 @@ To install cdist, execute the following commands:
From version 4.2.0 cdist tags and releases are signed.
You can get GPG public key used for signing `here <_static/pgp-key-EFD2AE4EC36B6901.asc>`_.
It is assumed that you are familiar with *git* ways of signing and verification.
You can also get cdist from `github mirror <>`_.
......@@ -157,3 +156,27 @@ Cdist is available as a python package at
.. code-block:: sh
pip install cdist
Installing from source with signature verification
If you want to install cdist from signed source and verify it, first you need to
download cdist archive and its detached signature.
Get both, *cdist-x.y.z.tar.gz* and *cdist-x.y.z.tar.gz.asc* from release
notes of the desired tag *x.y.z* at
`cdist git repository <>`_.
Get GPG public key used for signing `here <_static/pgp-key-EFD2AE4EC36B6901.asc>`_
and import it into GPG.
Now cdist source archive can be verified using `gpg`, e.g. to verify `cdist-6.2.0`:
.. code-block:: sh
$ gpg --verify cdist-6.2.0.tar.gz.asc cdist-6.2.0.targ.gz
gpg: Signature made Sat Nov 30 23:14:19 2019 CET
gpg: using RSA key 69767822F3ECC3C349C1EFFFEFD2AE4EC36B6901
gpg: Good signature from "ungleich GmbH (ungleich FOSS) <>" [ultimate]
Further steps are the same as for `installing from git <cdist-install.html#from-git>`_.
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