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  • 6.9.8   Release 6.9.8
    44741e71 · Release 6.9.8 ·
    Release 6.9.8




    • Type __rsync: Rewrite (Ander Punnar)
    • New type: __apt_pin (Daniel Fancsali)
    • Explorer os_version: Convert Devuan ceres to version number (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Fix logging bug (Dennis Camera)
    • Build: Improve Makefile compatibility (Evilham)
    • Type __filesystem: Support ubuntu (Joachim Desroches)
    • Explorer os_version: Fall back to os-release/lsb-release file on Ubuntu (Dennis Camera)
    • Explorer memory: Fix conversion of large numbers (>= 2GiB) (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __update_alternatives: Fix dry run and non-English systems (Dennis Camera)
    • Explorer os_version: Fix for FreeBSD < 10.0 and for legacy Mac OS X versions (Dennis Camera)
    • Explorer os_version: Add bookworm and trixie debian code names, fallback to 99.99 for unknown code name in sid (Ander Punnar)
  • 6.9.7   Release 6.9.7
    77dab4c5 · Release 6.9.7 ·
    Release 6.9.7




    • New type: __postgres_conf (Beni Ruef, Dennis Camera)
    • Types _postgres*: Improve OS support and do some cleanup (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __apt_key_uri: Deprecate in favour of __apt_key --uri (Evilham)
    • Type __apt_key: Documentation improvements, support in-type/in-manifest provision with --source, make fallback to apt-key(8) explicit with --use-deprecated-apt-key (Evilham)
    • Type __letsencrypt_cert: Bugfix, performance; revamp explorers, add locking (Evilham)
    • Type __git: Fix group explorer (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __pyvenv: Fix group explorer (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __download: Improve checksum verification, add optional --destination (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __debconf_set_selections: Add state explorer (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Implement usable cdist scan (Timothée Floure)
    • New type: __snakeoil_cert (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __rsync: Honour $__remote_exec env var (Daniel Fancsali)
  • 6.9.6   Release 6.9.6
    1bb696a4 · Release 6.9.6 ·
    Release 6.9.6




    • Type __pyvenv: Fix user example in man page (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: config: Make local state directory available to custom remotes (Steven Armstrong
    • Type __ssh_authorized_key: grep only if file exists (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __sshd_config: Whitelist OpenBMC (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Maintain object relationship graph in cdist cache (Darko Poljak)
    • Type __git: Fix numeric owner and group handling (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __pyvenv: Fix numeric owner and group handling (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __download: Make sum parameter optional (Ander Punnar)
  • 6.9.5   Release 6.9.5
    60fd7ba1 · Release 6.9.5 ·
    Release 6.9.5




    • Core: preos: Fix passing cdist debug parameter (Darko Poljak)
    • Type __sshd_config: Produce error if invalid config is generated, fix processing of AuthenticationMethods and AuthorizedKeysFile, document explorer bug (Dennis Camera)
    • Explorer memory: Fix result units; support Solaris (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __postgres_role: Implement modification of roles (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __letsencrypt_cert: Fix issues with hooks (Evil Ham)
    • Type __package_pip: Add optional extra dependencies param (Matthias Stecher)
  • 6.9.4   Release 6.9.4
    7cf85c46 · Release 6.9.4 ·
    Release 6.9.4




    • Type __package_pkgng_freebsd: Fix bootstrapping pkg (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Deal with deprecated imp in unit tests (Evil Ham)
    • Type __iptables: Add IPv6 support (Matthias Stecher)
    • Type __block: Fix escaping in here-doc (Matthias Stecher)
    • Explorer os_version: Improve FreeBSD support (Evil Ham)
    • New type: __apt_backports (Matthias Stecher)
    • Type __dot_file: Add dirmode parameter (Mark Verboom)
  • 6.9.3   Release 6.9.3
    d44b5cfd · Release 6.9.3 ·
    Release 6.9.3




    • pip install: Add cdist.scan to packages in setup.py (Dennis Camera)
  • 6.9.2   Release 6.9.2
    23e0da52 · Release 6.9.2 ·
    Release 6.9.2




    • Documentation: Fix examples in best practice (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __locale: Add state explorer (Matthias Stecher)
    • Core: Reorganize scripts, version generation (Ander Punnar, Dennis Camera)
    • New type: __hwclock (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __hostname: Fix guessing SuSE OS version (Dennis Camera)
    • New type: __sshd_config (Dennis Camera)
    • New type: __localedef (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __locale: Deprecate in favor of __localedef (Dennis Camera)
  • 6.9.1   Release 6.9.1
    d2506ac0 · Release 6.9.1 ·
    Release 6.9.1




    • Type __file: Fix state pre-exists (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __hostname: Add support for OpenWrt (Dennis Camera)
    • New type: __dpkg_architecture (Matthias Stecher)
    • Type __package_apt: Add --install-recommends parameter (Matthias Stecher)
  • 6.9.0   Release 6.9.0
    348c6eed · Release 6.9.0 ·
    Release 6.9.0




    • Core: Clarify stdin input (Darko Poljak)
    • Type __package_pip: Detect pip binary (Ander Punnar)
    • Documentation: Add custom remote copy/exec examples (Darko Poljak)
    • Type __package_pkgng_freebsd: Bootstrap pkg if necessary (Evil Ham)
    • Type __service: Fix calling __systemd_service (Mark Verboom)
    • Type __line: Add 'replace' state (Evil Ham)
    • Type __download: Fix man page (Matthias Stecher)
    • Type __acl: Remove deprecated parameters, fix bugs (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __update_alternatives: Rewrite, support --install (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __file: Fix state pre-exists (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __apt_norecommends: Use 00InstallRecommends file as debian-installer does (Dennis Camera)
    • New types: __uci, __uci_section (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Introduce scanner (noninvasive, beta) (Nico Schottelius)
  • 6.8.0   Release 6.8.0
    2885c6a2 · Release 6.8.0 ·
    Release 6.8.0




    • Type __locale_system: Fix for debian and ubuntu (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __unpack: Add --tar-extra-args parameter (Ander Punnar)
    • Explorer os: Fix OS detection for openSUSE (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __filesystem: Support Alpine Linux (Joachim Desroches)
    • Type __locale_system: Fix version comparison (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __unpack: Add --onchange parameter (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __download: Fix manual (Ander Punnar)
    • Explorer os_version: Convert Debian sid to version number (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Expand require delimiter characters, split by consecutive delimiters (Darko Poljak)
    • Type __timezone: Make singleton (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __systemd_service: Fix manpage typos (Matthias Stecher)
  • 6.7.0   Release 6.7.0
    f5b367df · Release 6.7.0 ·
    Release 6.7.0




    • Delete deprecated type: __pf_apply (Darko Poljak)
    • New type: __download (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __locale_system: Add devuan support (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __package_opkg: Add locking (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __hosts: Add --alias parameter (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __user: Fix shadow explorer for OpenBSD (Dennis Camera)
    • Core: Make emulator-part code consistent; remove faulty warning (Darko Poljak)
    • Types __file, __directory: Support setuid, setguid, sticky bits (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __postfix_master: Fix --option parameter and option expansion (Daniel Fancsali)
    • Type __user: Install user packages on OpenWrt (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __openldap_server: Add Alpine support (Timothée Floure)
    • Type __package_apt: Fix for legacy APT versions that do not support --no-install-recommends (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __key_value: Get awk from POSIX PATH (Dennis Camera)
    • New type: __unpack (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __locale_system: Support more OSes (Dennis Camera)
    • Explorers cpu_cores, disks, memory: Fix for NetBSD (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __sysctl: Fix for NetBSD (Dennis Camera)
  • 6.6.0   Release 6.6.0
    cdb99839 · Release 6.6.0 ·
    Release 6.6.0




    • Type __ssh_authorized_keys: Add option for removing undefined keys (Ander Punnar)
    • Core: Support colored log output (Evil Ham)
    • Core: Tune colored log output and respect NO_COLOR env var (Dennis Camera)
    • Documentation: Fix failing man pages build with newer sphinx versions (Darko Poljak)
    • Documentation: Fix trivial grammatical mistakes (Jaak Ristioja)
    • Explorer os: Fix for sles15 (Daniel Heule)
    • Type __clean_path: Add --path parameter (Ander Punnar)
    • Core: Increase minimal supported Python version to 3.5 (Darko Poljak)
    • Core: Add log server for nested logging (Steven Armstrong)
  • 6.5.6   Release 6.5.6
    abac79d4 · Release 6.5.6 ·
    Release 6.5.6




    • Type __pyvenv: Switch to python3 -m venv for Ubuntu (Nico Schottelius)
    • Type __letsencrypt_cert: Whitelist Ubuntu (Nico Schottelius)
    • Types __cron, __file, __link: Improve manpages (Matthias Stecher)
    • Explorer machine_type: Add support for FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and simplify Linux code (Evil Ham)
    • Type __ssh_authorized_key, __ssh_authorized_keys: Improve manpages (Evil Ham)
    • Type __ssh_authorized_keys: Fix bug where --option was not multiple (Evil Ham)
    • Type __motd: Debian/Ubuntu/Devuan use /etc/motd (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __group: Fix --gid on FreeBSD (Ander Punnar)
    • Configuration: Fix typos in cdist.cfg.skeleton (Jaak Ristioja)
    • Type __user: Fix user deletion on FreeBSD (Ander Punnar)
    • Core: Fix double log lines (Darko Poljak)
  • 6.5.5   Release 6.5.5
    310045d9 · Release 6.5.5 ·
    Release 6.5.5




    • Core: Fix XDG_CONFIG_HOME config file location (Joachim Desroches)
    • Type __postgres_database: Add encoding, lc-collate, lc-ctype, template parameters (Timothée Floure)
    • Type __motd: Improve documentation and support for FreeBSD (Evil Ham)
    • Type __openldap_server: Support extra config parameter (Evil Ham)
    • Type __postfix: Automagically support more OSs by not checking too much (Evil Ham)
    • New type: __pf_apply_anchor (Kamila Součková, Evil Ham)
    • Type __pf_ruleset: Refactor (Kamila Součková, Evil Ham)
    • Type __pf_apply: Deprecate type (Kamila Součková, Evil Ham)
    • Configuration: Add notes to cdist.cfg.skeleton (Evil Ham)
    • Explorers cpu_cores, memory: Improve *BSD support (Evil Ham)
    • Core: Remove debug logging noise (Evil Ham)
  • 6.5.4   Release 6.5.4
    0805fac7 · Release 6.5.4 ·
    Release 6.5.4




    • Explorer init: Do not grep on non-existent init (Steven Armstrong)
    • Core: Bugfix to preserve conf dirs order (Steven Armstrong)
  • 6.5.3   Release 6.5.3
    ceb6b597 · Release 6.5.3 ·
    Release 6.5.3




    • Type __cron: Make non parallel due to race condition (Nico Schottelius)
    • Type __pyvenv: Use python3 -m venv on Alpine (Nico Schottelius)
    • Type __user: Fix missing shadow for alpine (llnu)
    • Type __consule_agent: Make conf_dir dependent on OS - fixes Alpine (Nico Schottelius)
    • Type __letsencrypt_cert: Fix typo (Andrew Schleifer)
    • Type __package_update_index: Fix maxage false positives (Matthias Stecher)
  • 6.5.2   Release 6.5.2
    213f1b04 · Release 6.5.2 ·
    Release 6.5.2




    • Type __update_alternatives: Add state explorer (Ander Punnar)
    • Explorer os_version: Add support for Alpine Linux (Jin-Guk Kwon)
    • Explorer init: Rewrite and support more init systems (Dennis Camera)
    • New type: __service (Timothée Floure)
    • Types _consul*: Add optional parameter for using distribution packages (Timothée Floure)
    • Explorer disks: Fix NetBSD, support Linux w/o lsblk (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __directory: Add 'exists' and 'pre-exists' states (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __file: Improve error messages for pre-exists state (Dennis Camera)
  • 6.5.1   Release 6.5.1
    9f3747cf · Release 6.5.1 ·
    Release 6.5.1




    • Type __consul_agent: Add Debian 10 support (Nico Schottelius)
    • Explorer os_release: Add fallbacks (Dennis Camera)
    • Types __file, __directory: Add fallback for systems without stat (Dennis Camera)
    • Type __mysql_privileges: Fix quoting (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __package_apt: Update package index if it is older than one day (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __cron: Fix job removal if 'is' and 'should' don't match (Matthias Stecher)
    • New type: __systemd_service (Matthias Stecher)
    • Type __postgres_role: Fix password command synthax (Timothée Floure)
  • 6.5.0   Release 6.5.0
    8f12a4c5 · Release 6.5.0 ·
    Release 6.5.0




    • Type __acl: Add --entry parameter to replace --acl, deprecate --acl (Ander Punnar)
    • Core: preos: Fix missing configuration file usage, support -g, --config-file option (Darko Poljak)
    • Core info command: Support tilde expansion of conf directories (Darko Poljak)
    • Types _postgres*: Fix edge cases in quoted identifiers (Timothée Floure)
    • New type: __apt_unattended_upgrades (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __line: Bugfixes: (Dennis Camera)
    • ensure the line is only added once
    • always add line to end if anchor is not found
    • match line at the beginning when not regex
    • fix incorrect 'wrongposition' in state explorer
    • produce error when file does not exist
    • Type __acl: Add --source, --file and --directory parameters (Ander Punnar)
  • 6.4.0   Release 6.4.0
    7c9dd3b0 · Release 6.4.0 ·
    Release 6.4.0




    • Type __consul_agent: Don't deploy init script on Alpine anymore, it ships with one itself (Nico Schottelius)
    • Type __install_chroot_umount: Bugfix: type was not using __chroot_umount/manifest (Steven Armstrong)
    • Types _postgres*: Use double quoted identifiers in generated SQL (Timothée Floure)
    • Core: Add cdist info command (Darko Poljak)
    • New types: __mysql_user, __mysql_privileges (Ander Punnar)
    • Type __mysql_database: Rewrite (Ander Punnar)