Release 6.3.0




  • Type __package_update_index: Fix Alpine part (Dominique Roux)
  • Documentation: Fix man pages for install types (Darko Poljak)
  • Documentation: Embed config skeleton instead of rewriting it (Darko Poljak)
  • Documentation: Remove cdist-type prefix and man page reference from type list in html (Darko Poljak)
  • Documentation: PreOS english nitpicking (Evil Ham)
  • Documentation: Add installing from source with signature verification (Darko Poljak)
  • Core: preos: Support top command logging options, custom conf-dir option and CDIST_PATH env var (Darko Poljak)
  • Type __start_on_boot: Docs: remove unsupported *BSD claim (Evil Ham)
  • New type: __openldap_server (Evil Ham)