Release 6.5.0




  • Type __acl: Add --entry parameter to replace --acl, deprecate --acl (Ander Punnar)
  • Core: preos: Fix missing configuration file usage, support -g, --config-file option (Darko Poljak)
  • Core info command: Support tilde expansion of conf directories (Darko Poljak)
  • Types _postgres*: Fix edge cases in quoted identifiers (Timothée Floure)
  • New type: __apt_unattended_upgrades (Ander Punnar)
  • Type __line: Bugfixes: (Dennis Camera)
  • ensure the line is only added once
  • always add line to end if anchor is not found
  • match line at the beginning when not regex
  • fix incorrect 'wrongposition' in state explorer
  • produce error when file does not exist
  • Type __acl: Add --source, --file and --directory parameters (Ander Punnar)