Release 6.5.5




  • Core: Fix XDG_CONFIG_HOME config file location (Joachim Desroches)
  • Type __postgres_database: Add encoding, lc-collate, lc-ctype, template parameters (Timothée Floure)
  • Type __motd: Improve documentation and support for FreeBSD (Evil Ham)
  • Type __openldap_server: Support extra config parameter (Evil Ham)
  • Type __postfix: Automagically support more OSs by not checking too much (Evil Ham)
  • New type: __pf_apply_anchor (Kamila Součková, Evil Ham)
  • Type __pf_ruleset: Refactor (Kamila Součková, Evil Ham)
  • Type __pf_apply: Deprecate type (Kamila Součková, Evil Ham)
  • Configuration: Add notes to cdist.cfg.skeleton (Evil Ham)
  • Explorers cpu_cores, memory: Improve *BSD support (Evil Ham)
  • Core: Remove debug logging noise (Evil Ham)