Commit 8191ea91 authored by Darko Poljak's avatar Darko Poljak

Fix remote exec bug and bug with save_cache and ssh mux socket file.

parent c790a2e9
......@@ -146,10 +146,9 @@ class Remote(object):
# remotely in e.g. csh and setting up CDIST_REMOTE_SHELL to e.g.
# /bin/csh will execute this script in the right way.
if env:
remote_env = [" export %s=%s;" % item for item in env.items()]
string_cmd = " ".join(remote_env) + " ".join(command)
string_cmd = ("/bin/sh -c '" + " ".join(remote_env)
+ " ".join(command) + "'")
......@@ -155,9 +155,16 @@ class RemoteTestCase(test.CdistTestCase):
r = remote.Remote(self.target_host, base_path=self.base_path, remote_exec=remote_exec, remote_copy=remote_copy)
output = r.run_script(script, return_output=True)
self.assertEqual(output, "no_env\n")
handle, remote_exec_path = self.mkstemp(dir=self.temp_dir)
with os.fdopen(handle, 'w') as fd:
fd.writelines(["#!/bin/sh\n", 'shift; cmd=$1; eval $cmd\n'])
os.chmod(remote_exec_path, 0o755)
remote_exec = remote_exec_path
env = {
'__object': 'test_object',
r = remote.Remote(self.target_host, base_path=self.base_path, remote_exec=remote_exec, remote_copy=remote_copy)
output = r.run_script(script, env=env, return_output=True)
self.assertEqual(output, "test_object\n")
......@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ def inspect_ssh_mux_opts(control_path_dir="~/.ssh/"):
import subprocess
import os
control_path = os.path.join(control_path_dir, "cdist.master-%l-%r@%h:%p")
control_path = os.path.join(control_path_dir,
wanted_mux_opts = {
"ControlPath": control_path,
"ControlMaster": "auto",
......@@ -133,24 +134,13 @@ def commandline():
args_dict = vars(args)
# if command with remote_copy and remote_exec params
if 'remote_copy' in args_dict and 'remote_exec' in args_dict:
# if out_path is not set then create temp dir here so
# Local uses it for base_path and ssh mux socket is
# created in it.
if args_dict['out_path'] is None:
args.out_path = tempfile.mkdtemp()
is_temp_dir = True
is_temp_dir = False
# if remote-exec and/or remote-copy args are None then user
# didn't specify command line options nor env vars:
# inspect multiplexing options for default cdist.REMOTE_COPY/EXEC
if args_dict['remote_copy'] is None or args_dict['remote_exec'] is None:
control_path_dir = args.out_path
# only rmtree if it is temp directory;
# if user specifies out_path do not remove it
if is_temp_dir:
import atexit
atexit.register(lambda: shutil.rmtree(control_path_dir))
control_path_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
import atexit
atexit.register(lambda: shutil.rmtree(control_path_dir))
mux_opts = inspect_ssh_mux_opts(control_path_dir)
if args_dict['remote_exec'] is None:
args.remote_exec = cdist.REMOTE_EXEC + mux_opts
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