update makefile

Signed-off-by: Nico Schottelius <nico@kr.ethz.ch>
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Nico Schottelius 2011-03-24 15:37:16 +01:00
parent 0961e003be
commit b34a40b9e8

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@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ all:
man: doc/man/.marker
doc/man/.marker: $(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text
# FIXME: also depends on conf/type/*/man.text!
doc/man/.marker: manmove
touch $@
# Manual from core
@ -75,7 +76,7 @@ mantype:
for man in conf/type/*/man.text; do $(A2XM) $$man; $(A2XH) $$man; done
# Move into manpath directories
manmove: mantype mancore
manmove: mantype mancore $(MANGENERATED)
for manpage in $(MANDIR)/*.[1-9] conf/type/*/*.7; do \
cat=$${manpage##*.}; \
mandir=$(MANDIR)/man$$cat; \
@ -91,15 +92,13 @@ manmove: mantype mancore
# Reference depends on conf/type/*/man.text - HOWTO with posix make?
$(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text: manmove $(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text.sh
$(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text: $(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text.sh
$(A2XM) $(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text
$(A2XH) $(MANDIR)/cdist-reference.text
# Move us to the destination as well
make manmove
rm -rf doc/man/*.html doc/man/*.[1-9] doc/man/man[1-9] $(MANGENERATED)
rm -rf doc/man/html/* doc/man/*.[1-9] doc/man/man[1-9] $(MANGENERATED)
rm -f conf/type/*/man.html
rm -rf doc/html
@ -115,8 +114,7 @@ test:
# gentoo
.rsync nicosc@ru3.inf.ethz.ch:cdist
#web: manmove
web: man
cp -r doc/html/* $(WEBDIR)/$(WEBBASE)/man
cd $(WEBDIR) && git commit -m "cdist update" $(WEBBASE) $(WEBPAGE)