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Dennis Camera 23e66e08fa Restrict colored_output value to always/never/auto. 2 years ago
Dennis Camera 7a570f8692 [cdist.cfg.skeleton] Update colored_output documentation based on cdist(1) 2 years ago
Dennis Camera 747c6b1076 Respect NO_COLOR environment variable 2 years ago
evilham ba77ea9edc [UX] Add option to enable LogLevel-based coloured output. 2 years ago
Jaak Ristioja 66f4421089
[docs] Fixed two typos in cdist.cfg.skeleton 2 years ago
evilham fefc828780 [docs] Improve cdist.cfg.skeleton 2 years ago
Darko Poljak 0c4826ee97 Fix typo in conf_dir description: comma separated -> os.pathsep separated. 5 years ago
Darko Poljak 0043b3f4b0 Add cdist config file skeleton. 5 years ago