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  • 1.9.1   [dcl] Show selected vm templates only in calculator, [comic] Add google analytics code for comic.ungleich.ch, Add vm_type option to vm_template and dcl calculator to distinguish between public and ipv6only templates
  • 1.9   [cms] enable discount on cms calculator
    cba53e0f · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.8   [hosting] cms calculator on non-cms pages for the hosting app, [dcl] navbar dropdown target fix, [hosting] login/signup pages footer link fix
    4d2d3376 · Release 1.8 ·
  • 1.7.2   [cms] add favicon extension to ungleich cms pages, [cms] reduce heading slider side padding
    35fb872d · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.7.1   [digitalglarus] Make /blog available on all domains, [comic] new url /comic to show only comic blogs
    67a6c8f2 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.7   [all] Make /blog available on all domains, [dcl] email logo resolution fix, [cms] dcl promo section plugin link color changed to brighter shade, [dcl] pricing without VAT, [blog] fix top menu items to show only one item, [cms] favicon as a page attribute for dcl template
    45bd853a · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.6.5   [ungleich] add favicon to ungleich blog, [dcl] fix navbar logo repeat, [hosting] fix broken footer links, [dcl] remove ghost migrations from squashed migration, [cms] redirect multi-tenant urls to /cms also
    d53e70be · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.6.4   [cms] Fix the need of dummy home page for different CMS-based sites (issue #4362)
  • 1.6.3   [cms] header btn external link fix, [dcl cms] update CMS Integration to have different content for different domains
    1e815875 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.6.2   [dcl] Fix user activation email style; add/correct some DE text, [dcl] update footer menu for pw reset/login/signup/activation request pages
  • 1.6.1   fix header slider interval issue, [cms] navbar consistency from cms page to static page, [hosting] footer style fix
    e19844d9 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.6   [dcl cms] add promotional section plugin, [dcl, hosting] change number formatting for all the numbers from german to english locale
    251d4928 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.5.5   [dcl cms] edit options for cms navbar and header plugins, [dcl cms] fix link plugin issues and section image alignment
  • 1.5.4   [dcl cms] update DCLNavbarPlugin to allow change of brand logo and url
    b3742ed3 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.5.3   4262: [dcl] Bugfix for incorrect template name
    17ceca96 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.5.2
    6026b96e · Update Changelog ·
    Release 1.5.2

    [devuan, ipv6] Add google analytics code for devuanhosting.com, ipv6onlyhosting.{com,net}, [dcl cms] Enable full width options for DCL plugins, [dcl cms] Fix alignment issues with the "plain heading" option

  • 1.5.1   Remove datacenterlight_content placeholder conf so that we can create a cms page without calculator
    9dfb53f2 · Improve Changelog ·
  • 1.5
    cf00cf39 · Update Changelog ·
    Release 1.5

    [dcl] Remove some more beta access resources (some were left in the earlier release), [hosting] Back button management and cache control for hosting views, [dcl] downtime page, [dcl] CMS plugins for dcl pages, [hosting] add company fiscal number to invoice footer

  • 1.4.1   Redirect user to digital glarus on clicking logo in the email, Fix error on /digitalglarus/supporters/, [dcl] Fix scroll on top menu click, clean up css, Remove beta access resources, [glasfaser] heading text not to be blocked by topnav on mobile after navbar menu click, [glasfaser] mobile top navigation toggle button fixed, [ungleich] mobile font alignment, [hosting] Change sdd_size to ssd_size in VirtualMachineSerializer
    0d4af575 · Update Changelog ·
  • 1.4   Multisite and access control of cms pages per user