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asamihassan b7f8e237fa missing search field organisation_english at organizationadmin 4 months ago
asamihassan c84ae636c5 added organisation and acronyms in admin query field 6 months ago
asamihassan 8e409d1a38 space changed too < in __str__ person 6 months ago
asamihassan 808f1d94bb alphabatecial order for query in person admin addition for country and dept 6 months ago
asamihassan 9dc9daa1e0 form to override autocomplete organization changed 6 months ago
asamihassan e8f8ee8ad3 form to override autocomplete organization field for Person class in admin 6 months ago
asamihassan d436650d2c [Persons] Offer caculated autocomplete identifiers 10146 6 months ago
asamihassan e9ec1909b4 download_csv name changed to export (.csv) 6 months ago
asamihassan 0136386ad0 Enable CSV export for the 4 main tables Organisations, Persons, Resources, Mountain ranges 6 months ago
asamihassan cc66cfd4d8 newform submission to client at https://formspree.io/f/xvolqjpe 6 months ago
asamihassan dffd00d8cb form submission to client at https://formspree.io/f/gmba@ips.unibe.ch 6 months ago
asamihassan 7efa5b3741 formspree emails sent to test.gamba.ungleich@gmail.com and form hides 6 months ago
PCoder f2d27bd791 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ungleich-public/master' 6 months ago
PCoder 202b6c0092 Some pending fixes 6 months ago
mravi 907ae0c256 Merge pull request 'fix_refresh_data' (#5) from fix_refresh_data into master 7 months ago
PCoder 2c83c3e322 Add save method to index 7 months ago
PCoder f272481bf6 Fix finding range from name 7 months ago
PCoder 5b7e4eed3e Fix possible none 7 months ago
PCoder da8fba3497 Fix taxon 7 months ago
PCoder 2dda215ffe Append range name only if not none 7 months ago
PCoder 401b554a1c More debug + create person and update fields if it does not exist in DB 7 months ago
PCoder 27ecafa887 Debug 7 months ago
PCoder a0c3dd57dd Format + improve indexer 7 months ago
PCoder 41a2129e9a Improve refresh_data 7 months ago
PCoder edb860fa16 Update Changelog for 1.12 8 months ago
PCoder e95c87e99c Organization: revert back organization url 8 months ago
PCoder 6715924065 Add migrations 8 months ago
PCoder 0e5a7fb2c8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ungleich-public/master' 8 months ago
PCoder 461ceb9573 Organization: Reorganize fields 8 months ago
mravi c483ed000a Merge pull request '10112/mountain-range-form-change' (#4) from 10112/mountain-range-form-change into master 8 months ago
mravi 14cad5b554 Merge branch 'master' into 10112/mountain-range-form-change 8 months ago
PCoder 35094de8a8 PersonAdmin: Remove Mr. and Ms. options for mr_mrs choices 8 months ago
PCoder 9cba842a18 PersonAdmin: Move profile_on_web and newsletter to the top 8 months ago
PCoder 3a29b96513 PersonAdmin: Show organization_url 8 months ago
PCoder 1b9bd6df48 Resource: Fix Atlas showing up as default type for empty one 8 months ago
PCoder caef9906bd Organisation list view update 8 months ago
PCoder 068e38fb91 Rearrange fields 8 months ago
PCoder 7c7ae45ff0 Comment out inlines for MountainRange 8 months ago
PCoder 5974c7530a Move countries after mother range 8 months ago
PCoder 0a3b185c52 Add migration 8 months ago
PCoder d012a2e384 Make range_alternate_id charfield and position it at the bottom 8 months ago
PCoder 5de6645d4f Do not show checked 8 months ago
PCoder 90b4f3e53e Make wiki_data_url urlfield + make it closer to wiki_data_id 8 months ago
PCoder f02ea9e2ea Add migration 8 months ago
PCoder 1c78f6d8e3 Make GMBA narrow boolean field 8 months ago
PCoder 9d022c6d3e Make GMBA Standard close to select_300 8 months ago
PCoder 55ec614dd6 Load boolean data from select_300 field while import 8 months ago
PCoder 4c328052da Make select_300 boolean field 8 months ago
PCoder a81740f453 Make select_300 boolean field 8 months ago
PCoder aad89cdcbe Update Changelog 9 months ago