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1.12 (2022-01-19)


  • issue#10112: Mountain Range admin form reorganization
  • issue#10149: Fix for organization name empty case
  • issue#10147: Fix atlas showing up as default type for many Resources
  • issue#10142: Person admin form enhancements

1.11 (2022-01-05)


  • issue#10111
    • 'Gmba v2 id:' is editable at the moment, it shouldn't be editable


  • issue#10113
    • Django from 3.2.5 to 3.2.11 and then to 4.0.1

1.10 (2022-01-05)


  • issue#10105
    • Improve admin page load time for Person, Resource and MountainRange

1.9 (2022-01-04)


  • issue#10106
    • Organisation : add country to the list at the end
    • Mountain Ranges: add country at the end. sort the range names in alphabetical order.
    • Persons: should have organisation name in the list view
    • Resources: Alphabetically sort the titles
  • issue#10077: efficient input lookup for organization column in Person

1.8 (2022-01-04)


  • Fix profile delete #10076
  • Remove editable fields for organisation, improve organisation display

1.7 (2021-12-07)


1.6 (2021-11-28)


  • Organisation:
    • Make changes as described in #9945

1.5 (2021-11-28)


  • Resource:
    • Makes changes as described in #9944

1.4 (2021-11-28)


  • Range:
    • Makes changes as described in #9943

1.3 (2021-11-28)


  • Person:
    • Make Changes as described in #9942
  • Organization:
    • Make category drop down field
  • Range:
    • Fix search throwing 500 error

1.2 (2021-11-26)


  • Mountain Ranges (Range in DB)

    • Link Range and RangeTypes model with feature
    • Points from #9909

      Level: 0 -> not sure what the level is, the level does not show up in access Level next: same as level, it does not show in access Level 1, 2, 3: false -> does not show in access Orogeny: does not show in access Color all, color basic, color 300: does not show in access Elev low, Elev high, eleve range, eleve avg: does not show in access

  • Resources 1. Search seems to work as it should on django admin for Resources app, so I could locate the following entry to compare 1:1 to access. Relative contribution of soil, management and traits to co-variations of multiple ecosystem properties in grasslands stars needs to be dropdown choice instead of text field in Access, the URL link is clickable, in django it isn't: in django the url is wrapped in # in Access, Type is dropdown choice PEGASuS Check map with author needs to be checkbox Gloria, Gnomo, LTER, LTSER, MIREN, TEAM, Inventory needs to be checkbox 2. Ranges should have dropdown field, screenshot attached 3. Keywords should have dropdown field, screenshot attached 4. People should have Person/Role subcategory and dropdowns, screenshot attached 5. Fix the order of fields

1.1 (2021-11-26)


  • Organization admin interface similar to Access


  • Organization search and listing

1.0 (2021-11-25)


  • First release includes functioning django admin interfaces for Person and Range models