28 Commits (24a9e3ae6085fe5b1a1e324900f86da851c7c278)

Author SHA1 Message Date
PCoder a2550e4bff Remove redundant code 5 years ago
PCoder 88a58595fb Refactor code 5 years ago
PCoder c72f97de42 Add code to create user's unix profile also 5 years ago
PCoder f3d90a2b7d Add utility code to get max UID
Other changes:
- Introduce logging
- Introduce .env config parameters
  - LDAP_SEARCH_BASE: The base used in the LDAP search to find uid
  - IPV6_WORK_USER_GROUP: The LDAP group to which the newly added
      user should belong to
5 years ago
PCoder 8e07151837 Add ldap3 specific logging 5 years ago
PCoder c670eb52e9 Fix bug reading boolean config casting 5 years ago
PCoder 38c7283cb6 Enable logging by setting by setting `ENABLE_DEBUG_LOG` in .env
Also set the modules to log by using `MODULES_TO_LOG` config
parameter in .env
5 years ago
PCoder f112b85f17 Reorganize imports 5 years ago
PCoder 1e457ea1f0 Remove ipv6middleware 5 years ago
aatish 4e460726dd use x-real-ip headers 5 years ago
aatish 3a76ab9a76 use session_cookie_name 5 years ago
aatish 3fd4273b5f add media and static url based on script_name 5 years ago
aatish 635b929b24 remove static from git 5 years ago
aatish 1287105067 add CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS 5 years ago
aatish d8705d4946 make force_script_name configurable 5 years ago
aatish 216a5c3c9f force script name so it works behind proxy_pass 5 years ago
aatish b4bf9318df configurable database backend 5 years ago
aatish ed99dad379 link signup to account.ungleich.ch, landing page changes 5 years ago
aatish c42160193e ensure ipv4/ipv6 test is included 5 years ago
aatish eab9d7b714 add ldap authentication and function to create ldap user on signup 5 years ago
aatish d3ade15c9a add python decouple 5 years ago
aatish 862023840d add messages on success, use permissions for views 5 years ago
aatish eb07ef249b add login/logout urls and templates 5 years ago
aatish 28d061304f add Dockerfile spec 5 years ago
aatish 95d2f9c3d1 add rules package, create rule for is_job_poster 5 years ago
aatish 7d4195fc6c use crispy with bootstrap4 for forms, job creation view with autocomplete tags 5 years ago
aatish d122a1db39 add basic index and job listing page
register models to admin for easy testing
5 years ago
aatish c8536289fd create initial models for tag, job and application 5 years ago