66 Commits (1.1.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
PCoder 7131ed6d5b Update changelog for 1.1.0 4 years ago
PCoder 24a9e3ae60 Add /staticfiles to .gitignore 4 years ago
PCoder 93041f4539 Update changelog 4 years ago
PCoder 6abb78db2d Update .gitignore 4 years ago
PCoder 2196390d7a Handle more errors 4 years ago
PCoder 506679b8a0 Bugfix: TypeError: write() argument must be str, not int 4 years ago
PCoder 0fb34dc560 Save uidNumber used for the latest user created for future reference 4 years ago
PCoder a2550e4bff Remove redundant code 4 years ago
PCoder 1bd4b42fe9 Bugfix: use correct setting name 4 years ago
PCoder fd8f5fc1d3 Bugfix: use correct function and return value 4 years ago
PCoder 88a58595fb Refactor code 4 years ago
PCoder c72f97de42 Add code to create user's unix profile also 4 years ago
PCoder f3d90a2b7d Add utility code to get max UID 4 years ago
PCoder 8e07151837 Add ldap3 specific logging 4 years ago
PCoder c670eb52e9 Fix bug reading boolean config casting 4 years ago
PCoder 78098a3692 Update changelog 4 years ago
PCoder 38c7283cb6 Enable logging by setting by setting `ENABLE_DEBUG_LOG` in .env 4 years ago
PCoder bbb6f3290d Add CHANGELOG.md 4 years ago
PCoder fd2491145a Remove Search and Tags links from the navbar 4 years ago
PCoder f112b85f17 Reorganize imports 4 years ago
PCoder 1e457ea1f0 Remove ipv6middleware 4 years ago
PCoder 21228e14bb Rename uwsgi.ini to uwsgi.ini.sample 4 years ago
PCoder f4c5ad660f Merge 4 years ago
mravi da4e6cea16 Initial commit 4 years ago
PCoder 472f6a352f Update requirements.txt 4 years ago
PCoder 598004efa9 Add .idea to .gitignore 4 years ago
PCoder 7151564b28 Remove unneeded items from footer 4 years ago
aatish 4e460726dd use x-real-ip headers 4 years ago
aatish 8594e604fc add logo 4 years ago
aatish 307f25efb7 fix index page link 4 years ago
aatish 3a76ab9a76 use session_cookie_name 4 years ago
aatish 3fd4273b5f add media and static url based on script_name 4 years ago
aatish 635b929b24 remove static from git 4 years ago
aatish 1287105067 add CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS 4 years ago
aatish d8705d4946 make force_script_name configurable 4 years ago
aatish 216a5c3c9f force script name so it works behind proxy_pass 4 years ago
aatish bca7a22085 fix dn generation 4 years ago
aatish b4bf9318df configurable database backend 4 years ago
aatish 081e11400b use signup view rather than redirecting 4 years ago
aatish dd8701409a add logout button 4 years ago
aatish 453cdf86c4 Dockerfile changes for ldap 4 years ago
aatish a932682102 add python-ldap to requirements, was missing 4 years ago
aatish 67464b906f landing page changes 4 years ago
aatish ed99dad379 link signup to account.ungleich.ch, landing page changes 4 years ago
aatish b6f5fd5882 flake8 fixes 4 years ago
aatish c42160193e ensure ipv4/ipv6 test is included 4 years ago
aatish 241ad0deac Be able to come back to home page by clicking on logo/ipv6.work button on the left 4 years ago
aatish eab9d7b714 add ldap authentication and function to create ldap user on signup 4 years ago
aatish be949448c5 display 3 jobs in home 4 years ago
aatish d13d3f53d5 create management command to create test users, use it in Docker 4 years ago