Docker container providing nginx/letsencrypt support
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This container is made for getting real world certificates for your kubernetes cluster.

The assumption is that you can point the DNS name to the container from outside. This is by default given for IPv6 only kubernetes services.


  • Set the environment variable DOMAIN to specify the domain for which to get a certificate
  • Set the environment variable EMAIL (this is where letsencrypt sends warnings to)
  • Set the environment variable STAGING to "no" if you want to have proper certificates - this is to prevent you from asking the real letsencrypt service accidently by default
  • By default the container allows world read access to the certificates, so that non-root users can access the certificates. Set the LEAVE_PERMISSIONS_AS_IS environment variable to instruct the container not to change permissions
docker run -e \
           -e \


If you want to keep / use your certificates, you are advised to create a volume below /etc/letsencrypt.


Sample kubernetes usage: (TBD)