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# ungleich-otp
The ungleich OTP service
The ungleich OTP service that allows you access to the ungleich micro
service infrastructure.
We are using
- nameko for internal communication
- django for the DB + admin interface
## Usage: WEB
- No user interface (UI) supported (?)
-> idea is to keep flow logic in ungleich-dynamicweb
## Usage: BUS and REST
- BUS: send
- Authentication
- Use an existing token to connect to the service
- All REST based messages: JSON
### POST /app/register
Register a new app. Returns an app ID.
### GET /app
List all registered apps for the current user.
### GET /app/<id>
Get seed for APP to be used as a token
## Usage: OTP
The seeds that you receive can be used for TOTP to authenticate your
## Database
The database saves a list of appids with their seeds and the user
assignments as well as whether the appid might use the BUS interface.
- appname (name chosen by the user)
- appid (a random UUID)
- seed (a random base32 string)
- username (who this appid belongs to)
- trusted (boolean, whether app is allowed to use the BUS)