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Nico Schottelius 12 months ago
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title: Low power Dedicated Alpine servers
subtitle: Celebrating Alpine Linux 3.15
headline1: Alpine Linux 3.15
headline2: Low Power
headline3: Real Hardware
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## Alpine Linux 3.15 celebration
Just recently [Alpine Linux
3.15]( has
ben released. Also just a few days ago the first public
[dedicated server offer from ungleich](../dedicated-december-2021) has
been released. Enough reason to add one on top of it:
**Dedicated, low power servers running with Alpine Linux 3.15**
## Low Power Servers
We are proudly using the [PCengines
APU]( in a lot of places at Data Center
Light. They are small, robust and easy to handle. And furthermore:
they consume only about 10W of power.
While there are other systems that are more power efficient, these
boxes are very suitable to be running as a tiny cluster. Webserver? No
problem. Mail server? No problem.
So let's have a look at the specifications:
* 4 real cores
* 4 GB RAM
* 1x 120GB SSD (usable: ca. 100GB)
* Gigabit Ethernet
## The offer in detail
The offer is valid for all orders received between 2021-12-06 to
2021-12-24. The monthly price is 100 instead 150 CHF.
The price stays the same until the end of the contract.
You get:
* A dedicated, routed /48 IPv6 network
* A dedicated layer 2 network
* (optional, add on) IPv4 addresses (mapped via NAT64)
* **No setup fee** (instead of regular setup fee of 50 CHF)
* A server powered by 100% hydro power
The fine print:
* Minimum contract duration: 3 months
On order, you get access to the server with Alpine Linux 3.15
installed. You will need to provide your public SSH key for accessing
the device.
The server includes 15TB traffic per month. Additional 30TB traffic
can be added for 75 CHF/month. The server is located in an *IPv6 only*
network. It can reach the IPv4 Internet via outgoing NAT64. If you
need **incoming** IPv4 connectivity, we offer dedicated public IPv4
addresses for 9 CHF/month. They are mapped via NAT64-SIIT
to an IPv6 address of your choice.
The default setup fee of 50 CHF for dedicated servers is removed for
this offers.
The offer is limited to 10 dedicated servers on a first come, first
serve basis.
## What if it hardware breaks?
As this is real hardware, hardware failures can occur and they will be
repaired without any extra cost. It is however your responsibility to
inform the Data Center Light team about issues. Response times
according to [your selected SLA level](/u/products/ungleich-sla/).
## How can I start / how can order?
You can order at the [Data Center Light / Dedicated Server
1]( page.
After the order is confirmed you will get access to the server
5 working days.