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Ungleich Account Management Webapp

This service runs on and allows customers manage their ungleich account (register, edit mail & password, ...).

Status v2

  • See below ungleichuser/
  • register view created
  • Not solved:
    • email verification before user is created
  • Solved
    • Finding highest uid, increasing by 1

Todos for v2:

  • Rewrite/create new app Django 4.0 based (ungleichuser)
  • Do not use django-auth-ldap, because it uses python-ldap
  • Update the template HTML to bootstrap5
  • Use ldap3
  • Check/verify the ldap registration
  • Ensure multiple ldap servers are supported
  • Cleanup this readme
  • Use the following "captcha" for all forms:
    • Extra form field named "random"
    • Present the user the following text:
  • Create Dockerfile / ensure it works in kubernetes

Next steps

  • Override/use custom form to allow captcha

Development Setup

python3 -m venv venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

## Functionality

x Allow user to register in a specific subtree
x Verify that user does not exist in another subtree
x Assign an id
- Allow password reset [via Mail?]
- DB usage: for password reset?

## Parameters

Via environment variables:

* LDAPSERVERS=".." -- White space separated list of LDAP-Servers
* ADMIN_DN="" -- we use this DN to connect to LDAP
* ADMIN_PASSWORD="" -- we use this password to connect to LDAP

## Views

### Register view

Form: [get]

* username
* password1
* password2

Post receiver: [post]

* E-Mail verification

E-Mail verify: [get]

* Create user

### Password reset view

* captcha
* username or email