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== Userservice using LDAP ==

=== What is it? ===

The userservice is just using LDAP to authenticate, create, delete, and change data for users. With it, you can easily create a user in the LDAP, change some data (for now: firstname, lastname, email) for your user, change your password, or delete the useraccount. The request for a password reset is still WIP.

=== Installation ===

In the requirements.txt are the python modules it uses. Install with a virtualenv with python3. Be aware that django-auth-ldap uses python-ldap and thus wants some system libraries. On devuan, you should be okay with an

apt install gcc libpython3-dev libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev

Also, since it's using nameko, you should provide a rabbitmq for it to use. Also django-nameko has a typo and you should edit the $virtualenv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/django_nameko/ from

from rpc import


from .rpc import

till it's fixed. Config options are in nameko.conf, dal/djangoldap.conf and of course the dal/dal/ Examples what should be in there are in the .conf.example files Don't forget to do python makemigrations dal and then migrate The standard settings there work fine with a LDAP server set up with the information on our wiki. Except the manager password, set that to what you choose.