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import requests
import argparse
class ungleichDNS(object):
def __init__(self, parser, parents):
self.parser = parser
self.parser['dns'] = self.parser['sub'].add_parser(
4 years ago
help="Manage DNS entries @ ungleich",
4 years ago
self.parser['dns'].add_argument('--set-reverse', help='REQUIRED: IPv6 Address of your VM', required=True)
self.parser['dns'].add_argument('--user', help='Your ungleich username', required=True)
self.parser['dns'].add_argument('--token', help='Your ungleich 6 digit OTP generated token', type=int, required=True)
self.parser['dns'].add_argument('--name', help='Hostname', required=True)
self.parser['dns'].add_argument('--email', help='registered email', required=True)
self.parser['dns'].add_argument('--realm', help='Otp realm', required=True)
def _handle_dns(self, args):
"""A dev endpoint for reverse-dns service."""
r =
'username': args.user,
'token': args.token,
'ipaddress': args.set_reverse,
'realm': args.realm