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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ This is the machine you use to configure the target hosts.
* /bin/sh: A posix like shell (for instance bash, dash, zsh)
* Python >= 3.2
* SSH client
* Asciidoc (for building the manpages)
* Asciidoc and xsltproc (for building the manpages)
### Target Hosts
@ -60,6 +60,10 @@ removed on **python3.2** installation. You surely want to reinstall them:
For older Debian versions, installing python 3.2 from source is required.
If you want to build the cdist manpages:
aptitude install --without-recommends asciidoc xsltproc
### Fedora
Fedora 15 and newer includes a recent python.