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@ -68,19 +68,31 @@ If the main site is down, you can acquire cdist from one of the following sites:
* git://github.com/telmich/cdist.git `github <https://github.com/telmich/cdist>`_
* git://git.code.sf.net/p/cdist/code `sourceforge <https://sourceforge.net/p/cdist/code>`_
Building and using manpages
Building and using documentation (man and html)
If you want to build and use the manpages, run:
If you want to build and use the documentation, run:
.. code-block:: sh
make docs
Documentation comes in two formats, man pages and full HTML
documentation. Documentation is built into distribution's
docs/dist directory. man pages are in docs/dist/man and
HTML documentation in docs/dist/html.
If you want to use man pages, run:
.. code-block:: sh
make man
export MANPATH=$MANPATH:$(pwd -P)/docs/dist/man
Or you can move manpages from docs/dist/man directory to some
other directory and add it to MANPATH.
Full HTML documentation can be accessed at docs/dist/html/index.html.
You can also build manpages for types in your ~/.cdist directory:
.. code-block:: sh
@ -94,17 +106,6 @@ some other custom .cdist directory, e.g. /opt/cdist then use:
DOT_CDIST_PATH=/opt/cdist make dotman
Building and using HTML documentation
If you want to build and use HTML documentation, run:
.. code-block:: sh
make html
Now you can access docs/dist/html/index.html.
Python package