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Darko Poljak 2021-08-05 10:27:51 +02:00
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@ -8,6 +8,10 @@ next:
* Core: Fix logging bug (Dennis Camera)
* Build: Improve Makefile compatibility (Evilham)
* Type __filesystem: Support ubuntu (Joachim Desroches)
* Explorer os_version: Fall back to os-release/lsb-release file on Ubuntu (Dennis Camera)
* Explorer memory: Fix conversion of large numbers (>= 2GiB) (Dennis Camera)
* Type __update_alternatives: Fix dry run and non-English systems (Dennis Camera)
* Explorer os_version: Fix for FreeBSD < 10.0 and for legacy Mac OS X versions (Dennis Camera)
6.9.7: 2021-07-10
* New type: __postgres_conf (Beni Ruef, Dennis Camera)