13 Commits (fc9bd40c9a34cf54e2d6cfd2fec089bd25e1b172)

Author SHA1 Message Date
evilham fc9bd40c9a Improve bullseye support, perticularly __letsencrypt_cert 11 months ago
Ahmed Bilal f5c725a57f Fix issues/Make prometheus+grafana+blackbox types compatible with Debian 10 3 years ago
Dominique Roux a70d2e0af5 Had to change the apt_source_distribution to stable, since the repository doesn't differ in distributions 3 years ago
Dominique Roux 6bb58f8820 Updated the __grafana_dashboard type for the new package repository 3 years ago
Darko Poljak 334201b945 Fix remaining shellcheck problems. 4 years ago
Jonas Weber ae7ccc5995 Fix SC2086 on all scripts 4 years ago
Dominique Roux f04f76524c Bugfix: 4 years ago
kamila 7ae24cf677 __grafana_dashboard: cleanup 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius bfe8b8fa57 Support stretch + ascii in __grafana_dashboard 5 years ago
Darko Poljak 31899b2263 Add missing shebangs. 5 years ago
Darko Poljak 9312bcb6b0 chmod +x *manifest *gencode-* 5 years ago
kamila 4c7327e814 consider de(bi|vu)an version 5 years ago
kamila f87cce28d1 new type: __grafana_dashboard 5 years ago