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# Generate filelist excluding stuff that takes only space
for pkg in systemd openssh \
bash bzip2 coreutils cryptsetup device-mapper dhcpcd \
diffutils e2fsprogs file filesystem findutils gawk \
gettext glibc grep gzip inetutils iproute2 \
iputils jfsutils less licenses linux logrotate lvm2 \
man-db man-pages mdadm nano pacman pciutils \
pcmciautils perl procps-ng psmisc reiserfsprogs \
s-nail sed shadow sysfsutils systemd-sysvcompat tar \
texinfo usbutils util-linux vi which xfsprogs \
; do
pacman -Qlq $pkg | grep -v \
-e /usr/share/man/ \
-e /usr/share/doc/
) | sort | uniq