Git repo of my i3 config
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== i3 config of my e480 ==

This is the i3 config on my Thinkpad e480. It works with the pwd of /home/downhill and has some hardcoded references to that in it. But if you like a reference for some easy, nice stuff to do with your i3 config, feel free to reference and/or copy it.

The installed packages needed are i3, i3lock, i3status, alsamixer for sound, xrandr for brightness and dunst for notification daemon duty. It's tested and working for devuan stable amd64 (so debian stable amd64 should be working just as fine since there is no systemd/initV overlap.. well, maybe with the dunst bit).

It basically makes the laptop keys (on the FX row) usuable, without the need to install something big and shiny. I'll be refering to the keys by there FX position. Mod4 should basically correspond to the windows key on a standard keymap. Everything works under the assumption that the FX keys are for normal keypresses, and the special keys are accessed with Fn. If you have a different configuration, it's fine, you just don't need to press the Fn Key. Key names for bindsym were got with xev, but be aware that the Fn Key seems to be XF96WakeUp, caused a bit of confusion.

Fn+F1 toggles mute/unmute, which works fine with the hardware lamp there.. lamp on -> muted Fn+F2 lowers Master sound by 10% Fn+F3 raises Master sound by 10%

Fn+F5 loweres brightness by 10% Fn+F6 raises brightness by 10% Fn+F7 resets brightness to 100%

Fn+F9 does a suspend to ram Fn+Mod4+F9 does a suspend to disk

Hope that helps, I know my i3 config is rather plain, and I've seen really fancy stuff elsewhere, but works for me ;-)