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cdist is a usable configuration management system.
For the web documentation have a look at https://www.cdi.st/
or at docs/src for reStructuredText manual.

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# cdist
**cdist** is a usable configuration management system.
It adheres to the [**KISS principle**](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle)
and is being used in small up to enterprise grade environments.
For more information have a look at [**homepage**](https://cdi.st)
or at **``docs/src``** for manual in **reStructuredText** format.
## Contributing
Merge/Pull requests can be made in both
[upstream **GitLab**](https://code.ungleich.ch/ungleich-public/cdist/merge_requests)
(managed by [**ungleich**](https://ungleich.ch))
and [**GitHub** project](https://github.com/ungleich/cdist/pulls).
Issues can be made and other project management activites happen
[**only in GitLab**](https://code.ungleich.ch/ungleich-public/cdist)
(needs [**ungleich** account](https://account.ungleich.ch)).