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### Features
Stuff that should probably be included in every configuration management,
but is not. Or: The reason why I began to write cdist.
but is not. Or: Why I began to write cdist:
* Speed
* Elegant code
* Clean design
* Good documentation (man pages)
* Meaningful error messages
* No surprise factor
* The no surprise factor
* Consistency in behaviour, naming and documentation
* Easy integration into bare metal installations
* Simple and well-known DSL: posix shell
* It must be very easy to extend and debug cdist
* Focus on reuse of existing functionality (like sh, ssh, find, rm, ...)
* Easy upgrade: ***There is no need to update cdist on target hosts!***
* cdist only needs to be update on the master server
## Requirements
@ -171,7 +174,9 @@ Yes, I'm actually eating my own dogfood and currently managing
* [ircd-hybrid]( (chat)
* [stunnel]( (SSL tunnel)
* [mercurial-server](
* [xfce](
* [slim](
with cdist on a total of **4** production servers of the
with cdist on a total of **5** production machines of the
[Systems Group]( at the
[ETH Zurich](